What’s Happening To Pell Grants?

It seems democrats and republicans can never agree on anything these days. And when they do, it’s usually a bad decision either way. This rings true especially about the current assault on pell grants.

In fact, I thought President Obama was all about “education”.

Apparently he’s headed in the wrong direction. And if #Romney surely will not be any better if elected as President.

Consider this:

If we eliminate these grants right now, almost half of all African American students would lose their education. 40% of Hispanics would drop out…unable to pay for a college education.

Do any of these political fartknockers understand that:

Cutting Pell Grants Will Only Cause A Tidal Wave of Dropouts


I thought we were trying to rebuild our economy, and at the same time, instilling confidence in our fellow Americans?

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According to a report by The New York Times covering the study, “In Texas, for example, of every 100 students who enrolled in a public college, 79 started at a community college, and only 2 of them earned a two-year degree on time; even after four years, only 7 of them graduated. Of the 21 of those 100 who enrolled at a four-year college, 5 graduated on time; after eight years, only 13 had earned a degree.”

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/27/education/27remediation.html

I know that there are many graduates wandering the streets of unemployment at the moment, but…

At least these individuals have an education. In most cases, a person with a college degree will be chosen over someone without a degree. And if we eliminate a good portion of the Pell grant funds, this will only have a severe negative impact on those who can’t afford college at all…without the help of various types of grants. We will be doing such determined individuals a severe injustice.

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