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Wells Fargo Grants Help Buy Affordable Homes

Wells Fargo, one of the nation’s largest bankers, has awarded more than $5.53 million dollars to families in need of housing, in the form of grants in 2011 alone. In fact, in Clackamas County (and nearby Portland area) 3 dozen families who were in need of immediate housing grants were able to finally afford a home for themselves. The company currently has a program entitled, Priority Markets which is part of a national campaign to help people in need to obtain the housing they need. In the process, the company is helping to rebuild neighborhoods that have been distressed and have lost significant home value.…

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How To Find Immediate Housing Grants

Tips in Finding Immediate Housing Grants

We all know what the tough economy has done to the financial market and the real estate market. We also know that it has affected millions of lives in an instant.

That is why for those of you who would like to buy your own home or make some home improvements, now might be a tough time to do so. However, you should not lose all hope because there are ways on how to find immediate housing grants that can help you achieve your dreams.

If you would like to purchase your own home, all you have to do is to research on housing grants that are made available for people like you.…

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