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File Your FAFSA Application Now to Beat the Deadline

With the March 1st deadline looming on the immediate horizon, anyone who is seeking financial assistance for college should begin their FAFSA application today! Ventura is encouraging students to apply as soon as possible to beat their March 2 deadline.

While the actual date the grants must be sent in by varies by individual state, several have dates which are coming right up. Tens of thousands of dollars which could be used to help cover the cost of college has been left unused annually. These grants never have to be repaid and are available for anyone who qualifies.

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after January 1st in order to gain the maximum amount of money which can be used to help cover college classes and books.…

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Financial Aid Deadlines

Many single mothers have found that financial and grant aid have been a god-send in many cases. In fact, if it was not for these types of financial assistance, many single mothers wouldn’t have the opportunity to go back to school to earn a degree because the costs are way beyond their means.

Tuition assistance is what many have turned to when they find they can’t afford college. If you are currently in the process of going back to school, or at least preparing for it, then you should get your ducks in a row now. If you are looking to get grants, financial assistance, or financial aid, then
you are urged to focus on the deadlines for these types of applications.…

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