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Learn How to Get Your Family’s Budget under Control

Having a family budget is essential to avoid overspending. Many families shy away from making budgets because they fear what they write on paper will be too restrictive, and, as a result, some needs won’t be met and certain goals won’t be pursued. This is, however, far from being the truth. Without a carefully planned budget, overspending comes natural. When asked about what the money is spent on, many feel tempted to say that all was spent on necessities and nothing else. A simple writing down of their expenses would bring up some surprises; small amounts spent on coffee, new hobbies, items never used that end up in the back of the garage, add up, eating up the profit margin all families should enjoy from their monthly income.…

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5 Things All Single Moms Must Know about Maternity Leave

5 Things All Single Moms Must Know about Maternity Leave

The US is the only high income country in the world, where paid maternity leave is not provided, as a distinct right. For single mothers, the time interval after the baby is born is the most difficult, because they can face weeks on unpaid leave, before they can get back to work, and start making money again, to pay for the new demands of the extended family.
There are several things single moms should know about maternity leave, so they can prepare in advance for the challenges that wait ahead. Here are 5 of the most important.…

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Our Top 10 Favorite Posts of All Time

It’s been a long 2 years and the staff here at U.S Emergency Cash Assistance is taking a short break to find new content to write about. We’re also talking about adding a forum for single moms to interact with one another. In the meantime, we’ve created a list of 10 of the most popular articles on our site. The articles are rated according to the number of comments.

Without further ado, here ya go.

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  8. Check Your Credit Score For Free
  9. The Scholarship Resource Section
  10. The Top Ten Ways Single Moms Can Make Money

What do you think?…

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How To Find A Good Man For Single Moms

Trying to find the right man for a single mom is a challenging task; not only because it’s hard to find a man to trust again but it’s hard to find the right father figure for the woman’s children. Here are ways on how to know if he will treat your kids right (for single moms).

The very best way to ensure that your children will be safe and well supported by the man you love is to find the right man in your life. To know this, you should observe your man closely. His behavior and how he treats you gives way to possibilities of how well he can treat your children.…

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The Top Ten Ways Single Moms Can Make Money

The Top 10 Ways Single Moms Can Make Extra Money

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The Top 10 Ways Single Moms Can Make Extra Money
Financial Assistance For Single Moms
Grants For Single Moms

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Does Being A Single Mom Equal Child Abuse?

single moms child abusers?
Living as a single parent warrants enough challenges of its own. In Wisconsin, you can actually be charged with abuse if you’re a single mom? Yes, you read that right. The Senate Bill 507 is on its way to getting approved or thrown out the window. Senator Grothman and Senator Pridemore both sponsor the bill that is scheduled to show its face in the cheese state. From the state’s point of view, there are several reasons as to why they are even considering this an option. Some research shows that those who are raised in a single home are more likely to be sexually abused than children raised in homes with two parents.…

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Homeless Moms Finding It More Difficult To Make Ends Meet

single moms and homelessness
Growing up, you probably considered camping sort of fun. Well, there are some single moms out there who are camping fulltime and with their kids. Two single mothers are joining together to try to raise the seven kids in their care. The entire family lives in a tent and they are all are struggling to even make sure the basic necessities are met. One of the moms told news reporters that she always came from a big family and where they are staying can get pretty scary in the evening and into the night. Things certainty has changed for her and her entire family as they use camping for a way to survive homelessness.…

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Are Single Parents Child Abusers?

According to this article , single parents in Wisconsin may be marked as more likely to abuse their children that married parents. This idea is promoted by bill number SB 507 within the state legislature system. This bill seems to unfairly target single parents who may already be struggling to pay the bills and raise children with another stigma which not all deserve. Abuse happens in a variety of socio-economic households including both married and single parents. Addressing the issues which lead to abuse and correcting them and being alert to the possibility of abuse is an excellent use of resources, however unfairly labeling an entire group of people as potential abusers is unfair.…

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A Place For Single Mothers

Often times, single mothers have nowhere to turn at all when they
become pregnant with their child. The sad fact is that a lot of these
honorable women have no supportive family to turn to, and in some cases no family at all.

How can it be that our government has not done more to educate our single mothers on pregnancy issues, taking care of their children, showing them how to provide, and providing them with massive resources to enable them to succeed?

I’ve always wished that we had some type of “life” education program for single others, and this has now become reality by providing housing for single mothers.…

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Financial Aid For Single Mothers

I know it is hard being a struggling college student, and I know it is extra hard to be searching for financial aid for single mothers.

Believe it or not, the rate of single mothers is increasing and the declining economy has brought more people back to college and technical institutions.

The reason for such a high enrollment is because industrial jobs are becoming limited, so people are forced to pick a new trade to compete in the job market. For single mothers that are interested in college, there are plenty of programs mandated by the federal government that offers information on how to get financial aid for single mothers.…

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