School Grants For Single Mothers

When it comes to school grants for single mothers, you should know that, just like any other grant, it takes time to find grants that are worthwhile and also which are available for you to qualify for.

There are many types of grants available to many different people, demographics, and for certain situations. It all comes down to what you want to use the grant for.

Are you looking for grants to go back to school?

Are you looking for grants to help you start a business?

Are you looking for grants to help you pay off debt?

The list goes on and on and on….

There are various types of grants for single mothers and one of the most important grants that a single mother can apply for are school grants for single mothers.

Why? Because it’s important that you go back to school, earn a great degree, and find a high paying job. You deserve that for you and your children. While going back to school full time (or part-time) will most likely be draining to you, especially if you have a full time job, the rewards will greatly outweigh the discomfort you initially feel.

The types of school grants for single mothers that you can become eligible for vary. There is the federal grant, called the PELL grant, which mostly everyone qualifies for. It’s the most popular and most easy to qualify for. The amount you qualify for depends on your current financial need. For the 2010-2011 school year, the maximum PELL grant you can qualify for is $5,500. And the coolest part about these types of grants is they never have to be repaid.

Now, let’s get on with the other types of grants that are available to single moms, and these are known as state grants. For school purposes, you need to research the state grants in the state in which you live. Some of the public universities offer their own grants depending on the situation and need. Also, community colleges offer them too, specific to certain needs. Call up your financial aid department and ask to setup an appointment with the financial aid counselor and specifically ask them about the various types of grants available to you, besides the PELL grant. Also, you’ll want to ask about scholarships for single mothers,as these scholarships never have to be paid back – which is important for a single mother to find because every little bit helps.

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