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Well it’s back-to-school time again and now that people were going back to school president Obama has decided to give a back to school speech on Wednesday at 1:30 PM September 28, 2011 at Benjamin Banneker academic high school in Washington DC.

This is an opportunity to speak to current students as well as would-be students registered in England back to school to further their education and to get a degree in something that they truly love. Now if you’re a single mother then you’re going to really want to see this speech that Pres. Obama is going to give on September 28.

President Obama has been trying to get single mothers and everyone who needs to go back to school the opportunity to go back to school to further their career and to get out of the rat race that they are currently and or a job that a not making sufficient money in.

We said this time and time again but if you are stuck in a situation where you are stuck working at Donald’s or some other type of place where your only making minimum wage this time you start looking at your solution such as going back to school to earn a degree. So what kind of degrees are out there for single mothers? It all depends on what you, as a single mother, really want to accomplish in your life. Some single mothers find that they like taking care of other people there for the end of getting into the nursing field which also pays a lot of money by the way. However each person is different and you have to find something that you absolutely love doing in order for it to become accessible review and to work out.

Some single mothers may even question the fact of whether they may be even be able to go back to school. They think that they’ll may not be able to afford the cost of school. However, if you are a single mother and you’re the only person in your household was producing an income, then it is highly likely that you will become eligible for many types of grants scholarships and financial aid for single mothers that the normal population cannot qualify for. And it’s all because you most likely live below the poverty line. In fact, there are tons and tons of grant opportunities available to single mothers coming from the federal sector and the private sector which will allow you to pay for more than half of your schooling costs. What kind of grants you may ask? Well, there are many federal grants which you need to be accustomed to which are called Pell grants. These grants will allow you to pay up to $5500 of your tuition costs provided that you go to school in the state that you live in. If you are going to a community college in your local area, then the chances of your college tuition being relatively cheap is going to be in very good chance. Another type of grant that single moms can qualify for is known as private grants for single mothers.

These types of grants are given out by charitable organizations such as Mothers and More and other types of private charity groups. And we haven’t even began to talk about scholarships yet. Scholarships can pay for at least a quarter to half of your college education cost. There are usually requirements that are attached to these dollars shipped which you must complete or meet the qualifications on them before you can apply or become eligible for them. For instance, some scholarships require that you write a 2000 word essay submitted to them. If the scholarship funding source accepts your essay, then they will pay for a portion of your tuition in the form of a scholarship. With the combination of grants and scholarships, there truly is no reason that a single mom or anyone else for that matter should not be looking into their options for furthering their education.

And this is one the many points that president Obama is going to make in his upcoming speech on September 28. The president wants to ensure that is many people go back to school to obtain their polished agreed as possible, because going back to school and earning a degree will usually mean that a person can increase their annual income by 10 times. A recent survey suggested that those who go to college versus those who only have a high school degree, earn far more income on an annual basis than those who only graduate high school. Those who go to college on average earned $55,000 and more per year. Those who only have a high school degree earn only $18,000 on average per year. You do the math.

So, ensure that you watch listen and take heed to president Obama speech today. You can view the back-to-school speech here, which will be streamed live at

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