Pell Grants For Single Mothers

Finding PELL grants for single mothers is a relatively simple process – you just need to fill out the FAFSA. By doing so, you also be able to see if you qualify for other types ofgrants

Once you fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online form, you’ll know if you qualify or not. One of the greatest things about grants for single moms is the fact that, unlike loans for single mothers, these grants never have to be repaid back.

Currently for the 2010 – 2011 academic school year, the maximum amount that the PELL grant covers can not exceed $5,500. Many factors go into qualifying your needs and the amount which you will receive from the government including:

  • What your current financial need is
  • Your costs to attend school
  • Your status as a part-time or full-time student
  • Plans to attend school for the entire academic year

As well as a few other calculations.

In order to qualify, you must be a U.S citizen and be an undergraduate.

Once you apply for the PELL grant, the school you attend can apply the funds directly to your tuition, they can pay you directly, or it’s possible that you can receive both options.

You’ll need to apply for the FAFSA in order to become eligible for this grant as stated above. Once you do this, you’ll open the doors to new grant opportunities (because you must apply for your FAFSA in order to qualify for other types of grants)

What Else Is Out There Besides Grants For Single Mothers?

Well the answer to that is simple: there are numerous options out there besides PELL grants for single mothers. In fact, if you do it properly you may walk away with a degree without owing anyone a dime. In essence, you’ll have gotten yourself a valuable degree for free – paid for by the government.

So, without further ado, here are a few more options for you to research and ask your financial aid counselor about.

The ACG (Academic Competitive Grant)
This is a merit-based grant awarded to first and second year college students who have performed at a certain academic level in high school. For first year students, you can expect to receive up to $750. For second year students the amount greatly increases to $1300. In order to apply, it’s required that you fill out your FAFSA.

The FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant)
This particular grant is awarded to students, in addition to pell grants for single mothers, with the greatest needs or have the lowest EFC (Expected Family Contribution). The EFC is calculated by a U.S Dept of Education standard formula which analyzes the student and parents income and assets, the sixe of the family and the number of famly members who may be attending college. This grant is used in addition to the PELL grant, which means it’s necessary to fill out the FAFSA. The minimum award is $100, while the maximum award is a high $4,000.

We just briefly discussed the types of federal grants available for single mothers. We haven’t even began to discuss the grants available at the state level. In order to find these state specific grants, you’ll need to research the grants available in your state. You can do an internet search to find out or you can ask your financial aid adviser at your college or university. Not only that, but you can also qualify for scholarships for single moms.

So as you can see, there are a multitude of financial aid options waiting for you to take advantage of. Remember, you must fill out your FAFSA in order to qualify for PELL grants for single mothers.

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  1. Rojalih says:

    Pell grants are something beautiful because they never have to be paid back. Another great thing is that there is brought to you by the U.S. government, then the money is simply credited to your tuition, and anything left over is directly deposited into your own account. You usually do not have to chase the money down or jump through hoops to get it. Once you qualify for it, you should have no trouble getting it the semester after semester, because it is based entirely on financial need….

  2. Hiya I’m a single mother off a babie who’s 7weeks old n we ate homeless due to why I was pregnant the Thurrock council evicted me outta my council flat in Sth ockendon Thurrock Essex id lived there for 18years in all n was really close to my due date off giving birth at the time an he’s my first child n I’m 37 years old ,I lost my council one bed flat due to had rent arrears that was all, Couldn’t do much to try an save it at the time as I’d already been a court n I was 9months pregnant n stuck at Dorset at my mums as she was gonna be my birthing partner. I’ve been homeless since March now they took all my belongings into storage at Rainham n changed my locks at the time ,I’m on ESA benefits n am trying to claim my child tax benefits n child benefit at the min,I’d like to move bk to Thurrock Essex with my babie but can’t until I find somewhere to live ? ? Please could u let me know off any help I’d be able to get pls?? Really need some help also, I’m still stuck at Dorset with all my belongings still in storage at Rainham Essex I’d be really pleased if u contacted me ASAP thank you miss Claire Jacobs

  3. Homeless single mum with a Babie

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