New Housing Database Coming Soon

U.S Emergency Cash Assistance is hard at work implementing a grant and housing assistance database on our site. There are several reasons as to why our website is implementing this internal database. We know how hard it is to find housing, let alone when it’s an emergency or when you are in a rough financial spot. The average person has trouble finding a decent place to live for several reasons. One of the major reasons is affordability. It costs a lot of money to own and operate a home. Not only is finding a home difficult, but trying to find a house grant is also hard. The real estate market is up in shambles, but that is why U.S. Emergency Cash Assistance wants to provide you with an up to date housing assistance search feature to make your life much easier.

Here are a few reasons as to why people have such trouble finding an affordable place to live.

  • Section 8 housing is behind 2-3 years, leaving many people in an unfavorable circumstance with nowhere to go. This means that there is a major waiting list for those who need this housing to survive. Waiting this long on a home to live in could mean that you live in undesirable circumstances.


  • Many people in situations where they have nowhere to go. Nowhere to go means that you could end up homeless and that should never be the case.

Reality really is not your friend when you know you need a place to live, but have nowhere to turn. There are other alternatives to those who need to find housing assistance or even a housing grant. There are several local charities and organizations that offer help to those who need it. To help serve you, we are currently hiring a web development team to develop a local search engine on our site, to help you find immediate housing assistance your area.

Help is coming soon to those who need housing, but can’t find it. Imagine being in a circumstance where you have no one to ask for help and nowhere to go. A database like this can help you look up valuable information that can help you lead a better life.
What do you need to do?

Well, first of all try and be as patient as possible as U.S. Emergency Cash Assistance works hard to bring you this search feature. Our goal is to make sure you find a home that you feel safe and secure in without losing your dignity. Everyone has the right to find a home that they can call their own. All of these resources are out there and we are going to bring them right to your front computer screen. Wait patiently as our designers and programmers build a search feature that helps you find local housing . Valuable information at the press of a mouse is right around the corner. Stay tuned and keep checking back to U.S. Emergency Cash Assistance for this grant and housing assistance search feature.

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9 Responses to New Housing Database Coming Soon

  1. Lakesha W says:

    Im a single mother of four. I recieve ssi benefits and welfare. I cant work so it very hard for me. Because my rent takes both my checks. And i have nothing left to take of my kids. Im very behind in my rent. Cant get any help from welfare because i recieve ssi benefits. Tried to sign up for section8 but they are not accepting application now. Trying to apply for low-income housing or affordable housing. But i dont know where to go. I live in jersey city,nj if anyone out there could help me. It will be greatly appreciated. Because i need help before me and my kids become homeless. Thank you!

  2. silvia says:

    I need help i have a one year old son ! I go to school nd Sony have a Job jet but ill be finishing school son nd ill b able to get a Job but for nos i need help pls

  3. O.j says:

    I am a single mother of to need to take my girls out of the environment im living in I ‘ve gone to school for receptionist & m.a but don’t have a car to go look for a job i will work any decent job i really need help with getting a car & or job..

  4. Amanda .O. says:

    I am a 24 yr old mother of two. Honestly most people want diamonds, and fancy cars and furs, but all me and my children want is a place to call home for the holidays. I try and try everyday to find a job. I even applied to pickup trash around the city. I have two adorable kids and a heart of an angel, all i am asking for is a place me and the children can call ours..Thank you and Happy holidays

  5. Patty says:

    I am a single mother of 3. it has been hard trying to get excepted for a loan or even a house with a felony. Wasn’t my fault passenger ( fiance ) was drunk jerked my steering wheel he died instantly. ( neck broke) I was on life support. It proved it wasn’t my fault nor did they find anything in my blood.
    Anyhow any help would be greatfull . I’m a good mom an honest person. Can’t get help.

  6. Lucretia Kenney says:

    Hello, I am a single mother of three ages 13,4 & 3 months. We were left for drugs and prison. Had plans to continue school, but have no where to go now that my 81 year old prejudice grandma has told us that we are not welcome to stay there even if I fixed her house. I’ll have to put my dream of being a teacher aside for my oldest is ED and in special education. I spend my day at school with him, and try to find a place to go. New Mexico shelters are struggling with drugs in them so you wish I had a tent! Housing cannot give us section 8 till the beginning of next year, so until then we live on a hope and a prayer. If anyone knows of any helpful information please email me. Thank you.

  7. Ingrid R Shaw says:

    Im lookin to receive assistance on better housing i hv spina bifida (in a wheelchair) i hv 2 children ages 7,8 i want them to live in a better environment close to their school we live in Baltimore Md.

  8. Hello I am a simile mother off four children ages 16,13,9,7. I just was able to get help and leave an abusive relationship ,I am not homeless and do not have any income at all. . I did get a PFA and am looking for employment and trying to get child support ,I would be so incredibly great full for any type of help. Just need to be able to have a stable place for my children and i and hopefully find d employment soon. Thank you so much and anything would help.

  9. I’m 51 I’m married I’m being verbally abused I haven’t worked in 6 years I’m trying to get my disability and Social Security I just got my 24 year old daughter back that’s being abused for 4 years with my one year old granddaughter and my four-year-old granddaughter that’s got to disability neither one of us can work because we both been abused I finally got my daughter back please help me we live North Carolina we have no shelter and no money please help me find a place for me and my babies to go we don’t have a home all we had income we have is my four year olds disability it’s so unfair 980 238 9815 please somebody help us my 4 year olds birthday is this week this is so bad and he had the babies daddies done kidnap the babies and the police don’t even care

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