Need An Emergency Cash Advance?

Need money for childcare? Money for the groceries? Rent? You’re not alone. Many people are constantly in a state of debt and have little to no money to keep up with their current bills. In fact, many people are living paycheck to paycheck as we speak. Maybe you are one of those people.

If so, then you may need an emergency cash advance. There are quite a few things you can do online if you need money quickly. First of all, try and do an inventory checklist of any valuables you have in your house. Are there any valuables that you are willing to let go at a reasonable price which will free up some cash? You can sell your stuff on ebay, if you need money. Some people have even started massive online businesses by being in this predicament. However, most people need money instantly. If you need cash that fast, then you need to check on emergency cash assistance available. What this entails is looking for payday loans online, credit advances, or some type of collateral loan. With a collateral loan, you would most likely be giving up the title to something you own to a “dealer”, such as your car and they in turn will give you cash for “holding on to your title”. Keep in mind that if you aren’t able to pay the loan back, then the auto will belong to the title holder. This type of loan collects interest too, so the faster you pay it off the better.

The Best Emergency Cash Advance Option

While the above options are extremely worthwhile, there are a few other options you can try. There are companies available who will loan you amounts from $5,000 – $100,000 USD. Even if you have bad credit. However, most people don’t need that much money or do not want6 to borrow that much money. In that case it’s advisable to use payday loan lenders. However, either way this is what we recommend.

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18 Responses to Need An Emergency Cash Advance?

  1. Harriett Rodriguez says:

    Need to borrow $1500-2000 dollars as soon as possible. This is an emergency please help me if you can. Can pay back in two installments.


  3. christina says:

    i am homeless i have give my children 1 n 2 to family members till i can get a home to bring them to. i stay on the streets of santa rosa with my 11 year old service dog i am waiting to receve my ssi next monthi really need help and have done everything i knw but no luck please if you cant help point me in a way that cam thank you

  4. nicole says:

    i need help with rent and bills asap im 1,55 behind can someone help im a mother of 2 and have no help i can payback in payment arrangement thank you

  5. Anonymous says:

    i had the tuffest time trying to find an emergen cy cash advance until i found this site…its a no holds barred approach and trulie lays ery thing out there and shows u how to get an emergency cash advance…thanks 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    i am single mother of 7 kidz…i need as much help as posible because they are bout to turn off electricity and evertything…it’s hard lookin fer financial assistance for single mothers. i hopes there is someones who canz help me.

  7. tinesha says:

    Iam a single mom of four. I just recieved an eviction notice from the owner of my home. which in turn he will cancel if i can just come up with the balance of my rent…Emergency situation.. please no family and no where to go.

  8. THOMAS KOSAN says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    I am a single mom of 3 children. I am out of work at the moment, school starts in just a week and my kids are wondering how mom is gonna get their school clothes and supplies. I am searching for work, just nothing yet. Can someone please help me. $2000.00 or more would be great. Thank You

  10. tia says:

    I am a 34 yr old mother of two. My husband and the father of my children has ran off and left us. He also quit his job. I have no family and i am out of work at this time. I am looking to have surgery done the first of Sept. cannot actively pursue employment at this time until the surgery is complete. i have food for the children but i am ineed of a few other bills to be paid before losing EVERYTHING. This is a scary thought considering i got laid-off from my job a few months ago and had all the bills caught up until he pulled this ugly and unforgiving stunt. I have no idea where he is at all. He will not answer my phone calls. I am very desperate for help. Please Help Us!!!!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Tia. It sounds like your husband was a real loser. I can’t believe a man would do something like that to his family.

      In order to get assistance, I would recommend going to your local social services department to find out what types services they have. I don’t know which state your from, so I can’t look up that information for you at this time. If you are in desperate need for food, you can try to locate a shelter in the area that may have a food pantry…or go to your local church. Good luck with everything.

  11. ana murphy says:

    i need help with a deposit for an apartment.i am 54 have a 19 yr old i am disabled and my landlord does not want to renew my lease because he wants this apt for his pregnant daughter,but i wont get my deposit for 430 to 45 days,and i do not have any kind of way to get deposit money.can anybody help me please i am begging you

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Ana. You should explain the circumstances to your landlord and let him or her know that this is a life or death situation, and that you need that money in order to get a new place. If all else fails, contact TANF in your state because they usually handle emergency housing assistance. Please let me know how it goes.

  12. Desiree says:

    My eight yearold son and myself came to california from Georgia to visit with supposedly dying mother. When we got out here.I found that fact not to be true. Sadly to say been staying with family, no job , no money, and no finances to get myself back home to georgia. I have been job hunting now for almost three months straight with no luck.I am not homeless, just stranded and need to get out where I am at because it is not a guaranteed thing.Being a Desert Storm Vet from the Navy. I just need two one way bus tickets for my son and myself for Georgia. If anyone can assist please do and I am a phenominal cleaner. I can work that blessing off that way. Thank

    Sincerely Yours, Desiree

  13. Meagan says:

    please avoid at all cost payday loans, i borrowed 200$ from one. They were supposed to take 230$ on payday from my checking account. Instead they got back a lot more money by taking much smaller payments for months. I couldn’t reach them by phone and then when I closed my checking account because they had me overdrawn, they called and threatened to call the sheriff.

  14. Cinthia r says:

    I need cash assistance since i am a single mother for three months now and have no job.. If i am not a u.s citizen and my children are how can i get cash assistance as soon as possible without it being a problem?

  15. b.flint says:

    Hi my name is brenda, im writing about my friend, she’s got stage 4 lung, well all the way to the inside of her belly button. Shell be dead soon,id like to help with a speialanything advice ,money, please help soon..

  16. Darcc says:

    I need $600 im about to have a baby girl with no money an no diapers or cloths for her pleas respond if you can help me..
    Thank You

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