Loans For Single Mothers

What you’re about to read is an in depth article describing exactly how you can find loans for single mothers.

In this day and age it’s becoming increasingly difficult for single mothers of all walks of life to sustain themselves and their children. Everyone of us falls on hard times and it’s no different for single mothers who are in tight spots. Has any of the following happened to you recently?

  • Lost your job
  • Can’t afford rent or mortgage payments
  • Having trouble finding an affordable place to live
  • Car broke down and you have no transportation
  • Don’t have money for food to feed yourself and kids

I could go on and on…but I think by now you get the idea, and most likely, you fall into one of these categories. And if so, you need to know that there are options and loans for single mothers out there that can help you. In fact, there is free money available to you right now in the form of grants for single mothers and financial aid for single mothers. Also, if you’re thinking of going back to school to better your life and your childrens’ with the hope of a better paying job, then you can also qualify for scholarships for single mothers.

But what if you don’t want anyone of that? What if you desperately need cash today to take care of your bills…or buy food…or pay rent? Well, if that’s the case then here are the loan options available to you.

Loans For Single Mothers

When you need money fast, there are 1 type of loans that can get you the money you need today. Most single mothers are in a position of which it is nearly impossible to qualify for a personal loan with bad credit, therefore we will be looking at loans you can acquire with having a bad credit history.

Emergency Cash Advance

When you need money fast, and when I say fast I mean within 12 – 24 hours, then you need to get an emergency cash advance. This type of loan is very similar to a payday loan. The maximum amount you can qualify for in most cases is around $2,500. In order to qualify for an emergency cash advance, you’ll need a checking account, the last 4 paystubs from your job, and a valid SSN (social security number). Be careful when applying for these loans because usually the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is rather high and it could take you a very long time to repay this loan because of the high interest.

Remember, when you need loans for single mothers it’s always best to look at the various options that you have at your disposal.

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  1. Joyce Turner says:

    Can someone please call I’m in need of some emergency cash please

  2. joshila pebam says:

    I have a kid due to some bad condition it’s so hard to fulfil his dreams myself I try my best to make him happy but can’t so please help me I need help

  3. Hi my name is dadmalisk Rodriguez me and my son are being kicked out we reside in Bronx ny 10473 we have no money my child is 16 years old still in school I need emergency assistance can someone pls help us u can contact me 929-990-8293

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