Loans For Single Moms With Bad Credit

Are you searching for loans for single moms with bad credit? Did you know that regardless of your credit, that you can still qualify for a loan?

Would you feel better knowing that you can get up to $2,500 in as little as 24 hours…and all you have to do is fill out a short form? There are even home loans for low income families that can help you secure a home for you and your children. Well, fear not. We will help you find a loan that fits you perfectly and suits your current needs. There are many types of loans out there and in order to guide you to the right loan, we will discuss the various types of loans that are available to you, the single mother.

Getting Loans For Single Moms With Bad Credit In A Bad Economy

With the economy really showing minimal and even no signs of improving in the near future, many single moms are beginning to explore their options to find quick cash, such as an emergency cash advance, and options to go back to school by finding more information on grants for single mothers and scholarships for single moms.

Here are the various kinds of loans available to single moms who need emergency cash:

  • Emergency Cash Advance
  • Also more commonly known as a payday loan. While payday loans are very convenient, one should not get carried away with these loan types because they can trap you in debt for a long time. Used sparingly, an emergency cash advance can rescue you from certain financial gloom. In order to qualify for this type of loan, you’ll need a #SSN (if living in the United States), a checking account, and a current employer (some payday loan companies may require more information – it depends on the company). The lowest amount you can receive is around $500, and the maximum is $2,500. The APR% on a payday loan is extremely high and can sometimes climb as high as 790% APR…so be very careful when obtaining these loans.

  • Car Title Loan
  • This type of loan, while not as popular as a payday loan, can sometimes be valuable. Let’s say that you have an older car (which is paid for and you clearly own the title to) just sitting around and an emergency just came about requiring you to have XXX amount of dollars. You can take the title of that car to an auto title loan lender and receive a loan in exchange for the vehicle’s title. They will keep the title to the car until you pay the loan back. Should you fail to repay the loan or keep your loan commitment, they will take your car.

  • Personal Loans For Single Moms With Bad Credit
  • If you don’t want to try loaning money for the above, maybe you could try asking your family or friends. We all have been at that point which you are at, and while no one truly wants to ask their family or friends for a loan, sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your children. Most likely your friends and family are in just as bad a spot as you – but then again you never know until you try. So try asking and explain to them that you have every intention of paying them back with interest and that they can even hold onto collateral should you have it.

Going Back To School? – Scholarships And Grants For Single Moms

Like many single moms, you may be working a dead end job with what may seem like no hope for the future. In order to break free of this, you have to get back into school, if only part-time, and learn a new trade or study for a great degree. Usually, this is the only way to find a better job and create a great revenue stream, safety and security for you and your children. If you’re interested in taking this route, we urge you to take a closer look at pell grants for single mothers. These types of grants never have to be repaid back and cover up to $5,500 for the academic year (dependent upon several factors). So, heed the advice in this thread if you are looking for loans for single moms with bad credit – and good luck!

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5 Responses to Loans For Single Moms With Bad Credit

  1. johanna says:

    Hello just looking for a loan to get caught up on my bills im behind on bc havent worked in over 4 yrs bc i broke my leg and was dealing with some family issues and now able to have a job at walmart now i just need not to be stressed abt my bills tht r behind now. its depressing me now. and yes i have 8 things on my credit tht needs to be taking care of soon so i cn get somewhere in life now. thanks so much.
    Johanna lloyd

  2. deshana kelley says:


  3. Tracy McLamb says:

    I am a single disabled homelepps mother with a9 year old son. I have found us a place to move into but I don’t have the funds for deposits and first month rent all at one time. My son is having to stay with my mother and father but they are getting in trouble cause no one is supposed to resise there but them that is why i either stay with a friend here and there or in the car but that is no way Dr my son to live. I need a loan or grant or something to help me get this apartment for me and my son before it is gone cause this is the first one i have found that I can afford and they will also let my son have his little dog. Could someone please point me in the right direction.
    About to give up in NC

  4. Hello. My name is Ginny. I draw SSI an need small loan for Christmas for my daughter. Can I get help quick.

  5. I need help for Christmas for mey daughter. I draw SSi. Can I get help

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