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VA Adapted Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans

Veterans Housing Assistance

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Infographic: Student Debt Crisis

Student loan debt crisis infographic

Infographic Transcribed:

Student Debt Crisis

The U.S is drowning in student debt.

  • Americans outstanding credit card debt – 704 Billion
  • Total outstanding student loan debt – $867 Billion

The annual cost of a college education is spiking

  • Private college cost have doubled
  • Public college costs have doubled

Student debt is growing even faster.

  • 2005 – $15,651
  • 2007 – $18,511
  • 2009 – $20,820
  • 2012 – $24,301

Students get some help from the government…

  • Value of a pell grant – $4,550
  • 33% of students receive federal tax credits
  • 66% of students who receive direct government aid in the form of grants and loans

But debt is taking a financial toll…

  • Average monthly payment on a student loan – $250
  • 10% – Graduates whose payments exceed 25% of their income
  • Time it takes to pay off an average student loan – 10 Years

Graduates are getting less out of a college education

  • Bachelor degree holders who are jobless – 54%
  • Graduates who take jobs for which college degrees aren’t required – 33%
  • Time it takes to pay off an average student loan – 10 Years

What’s your take on the student loan debt crisis?…

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Student Debt Forgiveness Plans Skyrocket

Below is an infographic from the WSJ. It depicts the amount of grad school debt owed by the typical borrower upon graduation, by program, in 2012 dollars. It’s pretty shocking.

Student Debt Infographic

Source: WSJ

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