Infographic: Student Debt Crisis

Student loan debt crisis infographic

Infographic Transcribed:

Student Debt Crisis

The U.S is drowning in student debt.

  • Americans outstanding credit card debt – 704 Billion
  • Total outstanding student loan debt – $867 Billion

The annual cost of a college education is spiking

  • Private college cost have doubled
  • Public college costs have doubled

Student debt is growing even faster.

  • 2005 – $15,651
  • 2007 – $18,511
  • 2009 – $20,820
  • 2012 – $24,301

Students get some help from the government…

  • Value of a pell grant – $4,550
  • 33% of students receive federal tax credits
  • 66% of students who receive direct government aid in the form of grants and loans

But debt is taking a financial toll…

  • Average monthly payment on a student loan – $250
  • 10% – Graduates whose payments exceed 25% of their income
  • Time it takes to pay off an average student loan – 10 Years

Graduates are getting less out of a college education

  • Bachelor degree holders who are jobless – 54%
  • Graduates who take jobs for which college degrees aren’t required – 33%
  • Time it takes to pay off an average student loan – 10 Years

What’s your take on the student loan debt crisis?

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