Homeless Moms Finding It More Difficult To Make Ends Meet

single moms and homelessness
Growing up, you probably considered camping sort of fun. Well, there are some single moms out there who are camping fulltime and with their kids. Two single mothers are joining together to try to raise the seven kids in their care. The entire family lives in a tent and they are all are struggling to even make sure the basic necessities are met. One of the moms told news reporters that she always came from a big family and where they are staying can get pretty scary in the evening and into the night. Things certainty has changed for her and her entire family as they use camping for a way to survive homelessness.

Benita Guzman is one of the single moms being described in the above story. She really tries to remain strong for her family as a single mom. Remaining strong for the kids is important and she does a good job at it. Guzman has been working with Angelica Cervantes to help keep the two families together. Of course, neither of the moms wants their children put into foster care.

It’s hard to believe that stories like this are more common than not. The amount of homeless children in the United States is a shocking 1.6 million. Children who are faced with homelessness also suffer from more medical issues than students who are not homeless. School is a whole different ball game when you are homeless because you are often tired and hungry. It’s hard to concentrate when all you can think about is good. There is also a level of stress and anxiety that cannot be calmed in school aged children that are homeless.

Each day unfolds a little differently whenever you are homeless. These single moms have to find a way to make it work each and every day. Both moms try and teach all the children the importance of finishing school. With barely any income, it’s been hard to make ends meet in any fashion. Many homeless people are finding that once you become homeless, it’s much harder to recover. The single mother pair gets the help from a little government money and food stamps.

A few of the main categories that single mothers need help with is housing assistance for single moms, transportation and childcare. Without these three components it proves very hard to many all ends meet together to create a safe and stable environment. There are several prevention services being put into place in several states, so that single mothers are protected a little more. The housing also needs to be affordable, so that single mothers are not faced with having to pay one bill over another. Most homeless single moms just want to find a job and make sure their kids are healthy and well looked after.

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    Im homeless and im a single parent

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