Help For Single Mothers In North Carolina

Searching for help for single mothers in north carolina is ,sometimes, not easy – especially when you are a single mother who needs assistance fast. Hopefully, you will find the fast assistance you need by reading this article or by browsing around on our site.

We’ve tried hard to accommodate single mothers in ever state by supplying financial assistance by state. The following article list resources for single mothers in the state of North Carolina. If you find this article helpful, go ahead and give us a ‘like’ or ‘tweet’. Hopefully, we’ve made finding help for single mothers in north carolina a bit easier.

Child Support Help For Single Mothers In North Carolina

If you’re not collecting child support for you and your children, then we have provided a link for you to get the process started. Every little bit helps when your raising a child and your significant should be paying as much money as possible in order to make sure that his child is well taken care of. Inquire about child support here.

Domestic Violence Help For Single Mothers In North Carolina

Domestic violence is something that should never happen but unfortunately it does. If you are experiencing domestic violence,
then please do something about it right away. There are programs available that can help you get out of a domestic violence situation. North Carolina has such a program and it’s called the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Utility Assistance Help For Single Mothers In North Carolina

Heating and cooling a house are two of the most essential things a person must do during the seasons. If not, the weather can often
make you and your children sick, miserable, uncomfortable, and sometimes, can leave you in a dangerous situation. Everyone deserves to live in a comfy space and one which is properly heated and cooled. Unfortunately, with the rise in costs of utilities many single mothers are finding it difficult to pay for heating, cooling, and
even electrical service. And that’s exactly why the State of North Carolina has established a program that helps qualified single parents pay for utilities such as heating, cooling, and electricity. You can find out more about paying your utilities here.

Emergency Food Assistance For Single Mothers In North Carolina

Sometimes putting food on the table becomes a job in itself. Food is one of the most important necessities a person and their family can have. If you are in a tight spot and need emergency food assistance, then the State of North Carolina has a special program called the Food and Nurtition Services (FNS) program. If you are accepted for this program, you will receive a monthly allotment via an EBT card to pay for food.

Grants And Scholarship Help For Single Mothers

Interested in learning how you can go back to school to earn a degree? For free possibly? Then you need to check out the scholarships for single mothers and grants for single mothers that the state of North Carolina has to offer. These grants and scholarships are a great addition to the financial aid for single mothers you’ll receive. Find out more about these great programs here

Rent Assistance Help For Single Mothers In North Carolina

If you are behind on your rent payments and are worried about becoming evicted, then you should immediately get in touch with the NC Department of Health And Human Services and see if you qualify for the emergency assistance program. If you qualify, your rent, utilities, and more can be paid by the state until you get in a better financial situation (please see their site for more information)

Transportation Assistance For Single Mothers In North Carolina

In just about every metropolitan area, you’ll find some type of transportation available, whether that be bus, train, or ferry – and the State of North Carolina is no different. Please visit the North Carolina Public Transportation Association to find your city’s schedule so you can get to where you need to go.

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4 Responses to Help For Single Mothers In North Carolina

  1. markisha says:

    i just become a single mom and i have rely never worked i just need emergency help to get me home to my family and i dont know were to get it at

  2. belissa says:

    I really need to go bck too school too trying to get my RN’S .

  3. Kandice battle says:

    Was just wrongfully evicted with my son and other relatives being cursed at. Homeless please help

  4. JASON DEATON says:

    i work but i dont make a lot after they take my taxes and insurance. i have to see a doctor cause i have curved spine, pay copay, buy meds, need to get in pain clinic but cant afford $75 copay plus doctor copay of $35. i was just sent to ER in terrible pain and i have a blood clot in my right lung and docs dont know why. Always healthy except back trouble til a week ago and this happened. im out of work, my rent is late, my itilities,cant afford med,elequis ins. wont pay for the high dose im on, trying to work a little, no money to buy gas, no food and i live alone and i dont know what to do. I NEED HELP BAD. NOT SINGLE MOTHER BUT NEED HELP TOO BAD

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