Help For Single Mothers In Georgia

Finding help for single mothers in Georgia shouldn’t have to be difficult. The government offers quite a few resources for single mothers in Georgia.

Here you will find many resources ranging from how to get money to go back to school to where you can find daycare for your child. With the economy showing bleak signs of recovery, single mothers need every resource available to them in order to stay ahead and need help finding financial assistance for single mothers.

Healthcare Help For Single Mothers In Georgia

Receiving the healthcare you and your child need is imperative – especially for your children. Its tough for single mothers to find quality healthcare plans – and that’s why the state of Georgia offers the following options for healthcare for you and your children. To receive healthcare for your child, please visit Peachcare here: [] and also Georgia Families here: []

Food And Necessities Help For Single Mothers In Georgia

Putting food on the table can be a real burden for some single mothers. They often aren’t sure where their child’s next meal is going to come from. If you are a single mother and have an infant in your home, then check out the WIC program in the State of Georgia here: [] The state of Georgia also has a program called The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), which is a federal program which assists low-income families by providing them with emergency food assistance and is located here: []
You can also apply for food stamps via the COMPASS website here: [] When you get to the COMPASS site, click on the ‘apply for benefits’ icon.

Rent And Utilities Help For Single Mothers In Georgia

If you find that you are behind on your rent or one of your utility bills, then the state of Georgia may be able to help. You may have to cut your losses at your current house or apartment and move into a new house or apartment. If you visit the HUD website, which is here : [], then you will be able to find out how to get into affordable housing and be able to receive Section 8 housing vouchers. If you are interested in help with paying your energy bills, then you will want to check out these resources at the HUD website for Georgia. You can visit that site here: []

Grants And Scholarship Help For Single Mothers In Georgia

If you’re interested in going back to school to earn a degree and further your career options (and you should be), then the State of Georgia offers a special program tailored especially for low income families and single mothers called the Georgia Hope Program. The HOPE program, which stands for Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally, is funded by the Georgia Lottery for Education and since 1993, $5.8 billion in HOPE funds have been awarded to single mothers just like you. You can find out more about HOPE here: []

Daycare Expense Help For Single Mothers In Georgia

Childcare in Georgia is provided by CAPS (Childcare And Parent Services) which helps low income families the ability to afford childcare for their children while they work. You can learn more about the CAPS program here: []

Transportation Help For Single Mothers In Georgia

The state of Georgia offers many public transportation options. Visit their site here: [,2094,4802_5013,00.html]

If you know of any resources for single mothers in the state of Georgia that we have not listed here, please let us know so that we can add it. Thank you!

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7 Responses to Help For Single Mothers In Georgia

  1. Patricia d says:

    Iam a single mother of 4 I need a place to stay as of right now we are living with some friend I just want to get my life started if someone could please help it would be appreciated!!

  2. Tasha says:

    Hi im tasha im 23 years of age i have 3 kids a set of twins an a 5yr old ive been iut here for a week now, im from California and we came out here with nothing im in need of HELP we have mo car and barley a place to lay our head. Please help us thank you.

  3. Lonnie christon reagor swann says:

    Hi I just turned 25 im married but separated have 3 small children 2 boys an 1 baby girl im always by myself only money I get is in food foodstamps I have no cash,no ride an behing on my health kids are upto date but a lil behind. Im in Ga an just got out a domestic violence shelter wS supose to get tookin back but somthing happen. I need help asap!!!!!!

  4. Lonnie christon reagor swann says:

    Only reL way to reach me lonnie on my cheap phone iut of time is 4702157743 its prepaid jus need fifteen phone card this phone 7066162468 I on plan as daugther being tracked so please help me asap!!!!!! So I can pay phone bill

  5. Alyssa Maddox says:

    I have 1 kid.I need help getting out of an domestic partner relationship. I’m tired of this suppose to be man putting his hands on me. I ran out of our home because he slap me and put a knife out on me. He is controlling.I need assistants. Im tired and ready to leave but I have no where to go.

  6. Jessica says:

    I am Jessica Taylor a single mother of 2 and 1 on the way I need help with a stable home to stay at and cash assistance asap please if anyone can help my number is 229-393-0295

  7. Hi, my name is Rolunda Jackson parent of 4 kids trying to get back on my feet and go back to work and school to get my GED I live in a city where there is no public transportation except to the doctor office I’m really in need of help trying to better myself and get back to work and take up some GED classes starting next month don’t know where to go and seek help in Paulding County or who assist with my county please help thank you and God bless!

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