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How to Get a Grant for Your First Home


Buying your own home is a dream for many people. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the down payment required by getting a loan to purchase their own home. Getting a grant for your first home can be a solution, when you do not have other financial means to cover the down payment. Here are the necessary steps you have to undertake to get a grant for your first house.

Find a suitable program

Grants for first time home buyers are available in all US states, but these programs are not the same everywhere you go. The best course of action is to ask your local government for more information on existing grant systems.

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Single Mothers Advice: Where to Apply Online for Grants to Finance a Start-up Business

Single mothers usually encounter more financial difficulties than couples, as they need to juggle with paying all the bills, raising their kids, and taking care of themselves in the same time. Starting a business sounds like a good idea, especially since it can help you get out of your financial conundrum and build a better life for you and your children, as well. You are not alone in this endeavor; in a study published in 2010, Forbes estimated that by 2018, about one third of all businesses will be owned by women, and the qualities women have as leaders and business owners are more and more recognized.

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Are you a woman and you need a small grant for your home-based or online business ?

Did you know that you can apply for a grant online, through the internet ?

Check-out Its primary focus is to help women who are trying to start small businesses, home-based or online. The grants are usually not very huge, up to $1000 (no repayment is necessary).


Our primary focus is assisting women who are trying to start small businesses, home-based or online. The grants are small, usually $500 to $1000, and are intended to be used to upgrade equipment, pay for a web site etc – the small but essential expenses that can often make the difference between getting started or being forever stalled.…
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5 College Grants Single Moms Overlook

Going to college used to be limited to only those who could afford it, but times have changed so much. Single moms can now have the opportunity to go to college through something called a ‘grant.’ Keep in mind that grants do not have to be paid back. There are hundreds of grants available to single moms, but many single moms go after the same grants and overlook obvious grants that could help pay for their education.  Let’s take a look at five of those grants:

  1. Finding Local Grants

    There are many federal grants out there that will help a single mother pay for college, but what about local grants.

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Pell Grant Jumpers Cost Colleges 1.2 Billion Dollars Last Year

With so many people needing financial assistance out there, here we are having people doing crap like this? Say it isn’t so. Unfortunately, it is. Yep, it looks like thousands of Michigan residents have scammed the local colleges by taking Pell Grant money, and not attending classes. I don’t know about you, but crap like this really upsets me. Do you realize how many people need financial assistance? Millions of people. Yet, we have imbecilices in our civilization who act like complete morons and make life more difficult for the rest of us.

Perhaps the people who ran off with the Pell grant didn’t realize that the colleges have to repay the federal government the money they took.…

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WHF Partnership Grant Awarded To Good Shepherd

WHF Award Grants To Good Shepherd
Mount Vernon non-profit Good Shepherd Home and Family Services obtained a grant from the WHF Foundation last week.

The WHF Foundation gave $5,000 awards to six D.C. area nonprofits that assist women through economic literacy, home support, and lifestyle skills programs. These nonprofits were given grants:

  • Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless
  • Calvary Women’s Services
  • Doorways
  • Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services, Inc.
  • Interfaith Works
  • Open Arms Housing

We are grateful to have the WHF Foundation as a longstanding supporter helping us to give low-income families a fresh start toward stable housing,” GSH Executive Director Shannon Steene said. “An important tool that the WHF Foundation and GSH value is the financial education of those we serve.

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AARP Awards 46 Scholarships To Women

AARP Wins Our Monthly Award!

More Companies Should Step Forward Like AARP!

AARP Foundation today announced it has given 46 scholarships in its sixth annual Women’s Scholarship Program. The scholarships provide opportunity for low-income 50-plus women by financing education, training, and skills upgrades that may result in better employment and increased financial security for women and their own families. An overall total of over $175,000 was given in increments of $500 to $5,000 according to financial need and the price of the instruction or training course. The AARP is consistenty giving out scholarhips to a lot of individuals in need, and we sincerely thank them for giving back again to the city.…

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What’s Happening To Pell Grants?

It seems democrats and republicans can never agree on anything these days. And when they do, it’s usually a bad decision either way. This rings true especially about the current assault on pell grants.

In fact, I thought President Obama was all about “education”.

Apparently he’s headed in the wrong direction. And if #Romney surely will not be any better if elected as President.

Consider this:

If we eliminate these grants right now, almost half of all African American students would lose their education. 40% of Hispanics would drop out…unable to pay for a college education.

Do any of these political fartknockers understand that:

Cutting Pell Grants Will Only Cause A Tidal Wave of Dropouts


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Applying For Federal Grants Online

Without college grants, many single moms would be unable to afford the college education they require to obtain a decent job in today’s work climate. Being a single mother is tough enough–finding the financial aid and assistance you need to go back to school shouldn’t be. That’s why we decided to write a more informative post on how to apply for a school grant.

There are currently two grants which our federal government provides to students. They are the FSEOG (the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants) and, of course, Pell Grants.

Pell Grant Eligibility

Like most things in life, you have to qualify for it–and/or meet the minimal requirements in order to receive this grant.…

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Discover Ways To Get Grants for Single Moms

If you are in need of cash, then you have to know that there are a lot of grants for moms out there that are specifically designed to help those women in need. The great availability of grants for women especially mothers can be attributed to the fact that women offer a great contribution in improving the economy.

They are capable of earning a degree, starting a successful business and launching a nonprofit organization while also running a household and taking care of their kids. The grants are available to help women and mothers out there start or expand a home business or a nonprofit organization.…

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