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Single Moms Continue The Struggle

Tameka Morriss and Struggling Moms

Tameka Morris Buying Shoes For Her Children.

Tameka Morris thought returning to school to earn a nursing degree this year would help her get a full-time occupation and earn enough money to support her three children. Since graduating in Might, nevertheless, she is been not able to capitalize on her behalf education. Employers need more experience than she had collected, or job opportunities were too far on her to think about due to transportation problems.

“After paying rent, utilities and a few groceries, that’s it,” said Morris, 24, who does not receive any public assistance.

The single mother endures by working two to three temporary home health jobs.…

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Budget Planning For Single Mothers

Single Mom Budget PlanningIf you are a single mom, you would want to know how single moms should plan their budget. And because you’re reading this, you know of the everyday struggles. It’s a tough job taking care of children on your own. But what’s even tougher is creating the budget for your finances; including bills and utilities, monthly allowances, extra cash for your groceries and cash for the random problems that life has to offer; like medication or other emergency circumstances that might happen in your life or the lives of your family members.

It’s very important that you know how to spend your money wisely as well as knowing when to spend and where to spend it.…

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3 Financial Tips Every Mom Should Know

Every mother should know how to arrange the finances of her family well. This applies whether she is living with a partner or she is single. This applies very much if she has children. Aside from taking care of her children, she should always leave some time for thinking about the family budget, so that the family will always have enough during times of prosperity and during dire financial straits. Whether one parent or both earn the money, it generally falls upon the mother to decide the financial priorities of the family. Mothers are aware of the state of the market and are also more acquainted with educational expenses because she has the time to look (the husband may be working such that he has little time to peruse financial issues).…

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Cash Assistance For Single Moms

Are you looking for a rock solid way of making more money so that you can give yourself and your kids a better life?

You know that your children deserve the world, but there always seem to be obstacles in the way and not enough money left over to make ends meet. you are probably wondering how on earth you will ever get ahead.

Well, now that you have stumbled on this article, you just may have found the answer you have been searching for. Did you know that you can find cash assistance for single moms by going back to school?…

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