File Your FAFSA Application Now to Beat the Deadline

With the March 1st deadline looming on the immediate horizon, anyone who is seeking financial assistance for college should begin their FAFSA application today! Ventura is encouraging students to apply as soon as possible to beat their March 2 deadline.

While the actual date the grants must be sent in by varies by individual state, several have dates which are coming right up. Tens of thousands of dollars which could be used to help cover the cost of college has been left unused annually. These grants never have to be repaid and are available for anyone who qualifies.

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after January 1st in order to gain the maximum amount of money which can be used to help cover college classes and books. Additional grants are often available to help fill the gaps, however most require that a student has already sent in for their FAFSA. These are considered to be need based grants and are basically free money to help students obtain a higher education which in turn gives them the ability to become financially independent. Stafford loans are another option which can be used to supplement costs at lower interest rates but which require a FAFSA application to qualify.

Applicants can search at the FAFSA website to find the last date for which they can apply for their FAFSA by state. Students who are already attending college or are subscribed to their prospective school’s newsletter or blog will find helpful information pertaining to their college of choice such as that seen at Beginning early will help applicants gather the necessary information they will need in order to completely fill out the form. Depending upon the student’s age, parents income and tax information may have to be submitted as well as the student’s.

Students are encouraged to apply by the deadline even if they must make minor corrections later. The process takes some time however it is straightforward and can be filled out online or through the college. Electronic signatures and PIN numbers can be used to help expedite the process and allow for parents to sign for students who are not located within close physical proximity.

Identifying which colleges the student is interested in when filling out the application allows their information to be sent out to the individual schools. Each school just as each state has different criteria when determining the amount of financial aid students will receive. By filling out the application as early as possible students will be better prepared when choosing which college to attend and how to pay for it.

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5 Responses to File Your FAFSA Application Now to Beat the Deadline

  1. amy says:

    I would like to attend community college how long do I have to complete the forms? Are they sent to me or am I required to see a admission advisor first. I’m new to this experience but I have goals that I need to reach

    • Georgetta says:

      Hi Amy,

      Yes, you need to speak with an academic advisor at your community college. They can help you fill out the FAFSA form. Remember–the FAFSA is FREE. If anyone tries to charge you for helping to fill it out or submit it for you, it’s a scam. Your financial advisor at your community college will help you fill it out for free (and also show you all of the financial aid and grants you qualify for).

  2. amy c says:

    How so I apply for the single moms grant.

  3. I’d like to find out more? I’d like to find out some additional information.

  4. Anibal says:

    well, yes definitely clgleoe education is very crucial to a person because of many opportunity that the person can gain a lot of positive things that may be one of the most important things that we consider the most crucial things in life and always be the best things in life the we had

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