Emergency Loans For Single Moms

Often more times than not, we get ourselves into a situation where we can’t afford to pay our bills, we’ve lost our jobs due to life getting in the way, and there just doesn’t seem to be anyway to get out of the situation.

It seems that things just never work out the way they should, even when you give it your best. It’s these times they require emergency loans for single mothers, but the big question here is: Where can a single mom, working a low income job, with non adequate housing in some instances, obtain such a loan? It’s not like you can walk right into your local community bank and get a personal loan to cover your needs – that’s just not likely to happen when you barely make enough to cover your costs now (if at all) and with the probability of your credit being horrible from past mistakes and so on, well, it’s most likely that the bank or lender won’t even touch you with a ten foot pole. What’s worse is that sometimes, you may not even have family to turn to and ask for help, and sometimes, in cases where you do, it’s quite likely that they don’t have the extra funds themselves. So how do we find emergency loans when we need them the most?

Well, the first thing that you need to determine is this: what kind of loan do you need and how much money do you need? There are a couple of options for those who have unsatisfactory credit and exploring these options will benefit more-so than not following through at all.

Payday Loans For Single Mothers

If you require less than $2,500, then payday loans for single mothers is one of the first types of loans that you will want to consider. Even if you have bad credit, you can still qualify for an emergency cash advance (same thing as payday loan) if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have a stable job and can show proof of income with paystubs
  • You have a Social Security Number
  • You have a checking account

These are just three of the minimum requirements that you will need in order to get a payday loan. Now keep in mind that payday loans can carry hefty interest rates, sometimes as high as 700% APR. For some single mothers, this can seem unreasonable, however, for others, they are just happy to get the loan that they are in need of. Here are a couple of tips to follow when choosing a payday loan provider:

  • Try to negotiate with the payday loan lender on the APR
  • Find a payday loan company that will allow you a longer period of time to pay the loan off
  • Make sure the lender is reputable and has good reviews online

If you need a payday loan, don’t hesitate to get one, just keep in mind the tips that we mentioned and be sure to pay the loan back as outlined in their terms of service.

Auto Title Loans For Single Moms

This next loan is kind of ‘iffy’. The reason I say that is because most single moms don’t have an extra vehicle laying around that they can spare. However, if you do, listen up to what we are about to say. An auto title loan is the process of you giving your car title loan to a ‘lender’ for collateral who in turn gives you a ‘loan’ When you get these types of loans, you usually can only get 50% or less loan value on the car. Which means if you’re car is worth $5,000 on kelly blue book, you might qualify for a $2,500 loan depending on the lender. Also, you must own the vehicle before you negotiate an auto title loan. (It’s highly recommended). Once you obtain the loan, the lender holds your title and you make monthly payments to them, including interest on the loan, until it’s paid off. You can find auto title lenders at used car dealerships, pawn shops, and some payday loan centers. If you fail to pay the loan, the lender has the right to keep your car, just so you know.

Student Loans For Single Mothers

It may be possible that you don’t even need an emergency payday loan. Quite possibly, you may just need student loans for single mothers, so you can go back to school, earn your degree, and get a high paying job. In fact, we hope that you choose this option instead of burying yourself deeper in debt by getting loans. These types of loans are issued by the government and do not have to be repaid until 6 months after you graduate. And because you’re a single mother, and most likely experiencing financial hardship, you will quite likely qualify for pell grants for single mothers, which gives you a maximum of $5,000+ for each annual term (as of 2011-2012) Couple the grants with scholarships for single moms, and you may not even have to pay for school at all.

Home Loans For Single Moms

Looking for a first time home for single mothers? Many families find that home loans for low income families is possible once they research the options. Even though mortgage lending has tightened when it comes to originating mortgages and giving them out, it’s still possible to get a home loan through FHA (Federal Housing Authority).

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11 Responses to Emergency Loans For Single Moms

  1. CHERYL K says:


  2. Racheal Foust says:

    Looking for help to pay last months rent and beings its a new month, this months also beings my boyfriend up and moved out and decided not to help. Im struggling to find a job and have three girls at home.

  3. Racheal Foust says:

    I’m looking for rental assistance for past and current month, because of family problems, and also work.

  4. Nicole Hennessey says:

    All the schools around me don’t accept federal loans… I’m a single mother who can get grants to pay full amount for schooling. I need help funding the relocation and starting up cost to an area with a school that will accept my aid.

  5. priscilla says:

    Hi! My name is priscilla I am 19 years old with a 3 year old a 1 year old and a 1 month old currently living with my baby father and father in law my baby father is no longer the man he was he is not providing and just laying around letting bills pile and letting me pay and buy everything with my cash assistance from welfare. And my father in law in constantly yelling at my children just because their simply playing. And to top it all off they both are letting this house slip between there fingers, the state is ready to take this house. And I need help fast I’m through with all of this and need to get away and get on my feet butt i just need a break and some help for once as soon as possible. I have no one I’ll s just me and my 3 kids. Everywhere I tryed to apply for low income housing has waiting lists that will take years. Please contact me with any info that would be of assistance for me.

  6. kimcolson says:

    Please,,I need help today,,,my landlord kicked me and kids out ssyin.I owe money from almost a year ago,,I got evicted,,,I have to be out in 24 hrs,,,my number is 317 653 8741—-please help,,im in.Indianapolis indiana,,,,this ainta joke,,,im really homeless and scared to death,,we have nowhere to go

    • Mark says:

      Give a call to the Indianapolis Marion County Salvation Army, which can be reached at 317.937.7000. It provides emergency assistance for paying bills; emergency shelter and housing aid for women and women with children who seek safety from homelessness and/or domestic violence, senior programs, and many other services. I hope they are able to help you quickly.

  7. samantha says:

    my name is samantha. i am i need of help as soon as possible. i have tryed everything. this is seriously a emegency life situation as a mother of 3 children. and no income whats so ever .my kids are 6,4,2. i am 24 years old. and am currently still married. 6 in a half years of marriage. this is a very tuff and sad situaton for me and my family. but we are on the merge of a divorse and he was the provider and i was the homemaker. child care was way to expensive. we are to be out asap at our current place we have lived intogether. witch i can not even try to pay by myself. i have no family members that can finicaily help me or even close to where i live. please i have had a fiew eviction notices. landlord has extended my 30 day eveiction already. so i could figure out something and how to pay for a home for me and my children and ext. now we are again at the end of the month and i have become stressed and helpless. please contact me or give me a number or place to contact. i live in hutchinson ks . my number is 620-474-0216 .


  8. Bobby G. Rubin Sr. says:

    Need and Emergency $1200.00 Loan Quickly. “NO SCAM”

  9. Patricia says:

    I need emergency a loan to buy a car and pay my aparmenrt its new adrees

  10. Arroa Scott says:

    I am a single mother, and as of this time I’m am staying with family.so that my son and I aren’t on the streets. I do have a job, but I cant come up with enough money to pay for deposits and rent all at the same time. so there for I need some help… if someone can pint me in the right direction, so that my son and I can get our own apartment. I would greatly appreciate it… Thank you in advance..

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