Does Being A Single Mom Equal Child Abuse?

single moms child abusers?
Living as a single parent warrants enough challenges of its own. In Wisconsin, you can actually be charged with abuse if you’re a single mom? Yes, you read that right. The Senate Bill 507 is on its way to getting approved or thrown out the window. Senator Grothman and Senator Pridemore both sponsor the bill that is scheduled to show its face in the cheese state. From the state’s point of view, there are several reasons as to why they are even considering this an option. Some research shows that those who are raised in a single home are more likely to be sexually abused than children raised in homes with two parents. Also, child neglect is apparently more common amongst single moms.

Ironically enough, a lot of famous and very successful people in this world have been raised by single moms. A few bad apples could ruin the reputation of every single parent out there. The bill is upsetting parents across the nation and not just in Wisconsin. The population of single parents actually makes up around 33 percent of the parents in the United States. Those who work as Senators and single moms are almost taken back by the bill. Senator Lena Taylor states that this is a form of attack from Republican senators who have a negative attitude towards women. She says she will continue to fight the bill while it’s trying to pass through the state.

Some single moms are even more outraged because the bill has been proposed by a man who has never had his own children or let alone be married. It’s hard for single parents (or married parents) to see the common sense behind a piece of legislation like this. One thing is for certain, people all over the country are talking about this proposed bill.

Women always seem to be facing some sort of legislation issue that evades their personal rights. The bill does not address the issue of single dads and no one can figure out why this bill is aimed just towards women. Most women are frustrated because if anything it’s more exhausting to be a single mom and do everything by yourself. Although many single parents are outraged in Wisconsin and around the world, there have been no charges brought up against the alleged bill.

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  1. Thanks for your well put words. The only good thing I can say about this Senator and his Bill is at least it has started a dialogue about and defending the single moms in the U.S.

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