Dear VP Hopeful Paul Ryan

Your current financial plan is a bit flawed. You see, your financial plan is planning on taking away much needed government benefits from people who truly need it. Not just single mother’s either. Just about everyone who falls under federal poverty guidelines will be subject to falling even further in debt. This “plan” will not only cause families who struggle financially to spiral into an ocean of further debt, but it could possibly cause riots and cause our country to become further divided.

Sound outrageous?

It already happened in Greece.

Could it happen here?

I think so. This group does as well.

In fact, our opinion is that you are only concerned about the top 2% of top earner’s in the U.S If your plan were to happen, which we don’t see happening, it will take 28 years for our country to become debt free. In that time, millions of people would not have the proper government assistance they currently receive. More people would be tossed out onto the street. Hunger would run rampant in the streets.

Sorry, but this financial plan of yours just doesn’t seem the right way to go.

It didn’t work in Wisconsin and it won’t work on a national level either.

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