The Top Ten Ways Single Moms Can Make Money

The Top 10 Ways Single Moms Can Make Extra Money

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Does Being A Single Mom Equal Child Abuse?

single moms child abusers?
Living as a single parent warrants enough challenges of its own. In Wisconsin, you can actually be charged with abuse if you’re a single mom? Yes, you read that right. The Senate Bill 507 is on its way to getting approved or thrown out the window. Senator Grothman and Senator Pridemore both sponsor the bill that is scheduled to show its face in the cheese state. From the state’s point of view, there are several reasons as to why they are even considering this an option. Some research shows that those who are raised in a single home are more likely to be sexually abused than children raised in homes with two parents. Also, child neglect is apparently more common amongst single moms.

Ironically enough, a lot of famous and very successful people in this world have been raised by single moms. A few bad apples could ruin the reputation of every single parent out there. The bill is upsetting parents across the nation and not just in Wisconsin. The population of single parents actually makes up around 33 percent of the parents in the United States. Those who work as Senators and single moms are almost taken back by the bill. Senator Lena Taylor states that this is a form of attack from Republican senators who have a negative attitude towards women. She says she will continue to fight the bill while it’s trying to pass through the state.

Some single moms are even more outraged because the bill has been proposed by a man who has never had his own children or let alone be married. It’s hard for single parents (or married parents) to see the common sense behind a piece of legislation like this. One thing is for certain, people all over the country are talking about this proposed bill.

Women always seem to be facing some sort of legislation issue that evades their personal rights. The bill does not address the issue of single dads and no one can figure out why this bill is aimed just towards women. Most women are frustrated because if anything it’s more exhausting to be a single mom and do everything by yourself. Although many single parents are outraged in Wisconsin and around the world, there have been no charges brought up against the alleged bill.

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Homeless Moms Finding It More Difficult To Make Ends Meet

single moms and homelessness
Growing up, you probably considered camping sort of fun. Well, there are some single moms out there who are camping fulltime and with their kids. Two single mothers are joining together to try to raise the seven kids in their care. The entire family lives in a tent and they are all are struggling to even make sure the basic necessities are met. One of the moms told news reporters that she always came from a big family and where they are staying can get pretty scary in the evening and into the night. Things certainty has changed for her and her entire family as they use camping for a way to survive homelessness.

Benita Guzman is one of the single moms being described in the above story. She really tries to remain strong for her family as a single mom. Remaining strong for the kids is important and she does a good job at it. Guzman has been working with Angelica Cervantes to help keep the two families together. Of course, neither of the moms wants their children put into foster care.

It’s hard to believe that stories like this are more common than not. The amount of homeless children in the United States is a shocking 1.6 million. Children who are faced with homelessness also suffer from more medical issues than students who are not homeless. School is a whole different ball game when you are homeless because you are often tired and hungry. It’s hard to concentrate when all you can think about is good. There is also a level of stress and anxiety that cannot be calmed in school aged children that are homeless.

Each day unfolds a little differently whenever you are homeless. These single moms have to find a way to make it work each and every day. Both moms try and teach all the children the importance of finishing school. With barely any income, it’s been hard to make ends meet in any fashion. Many homeless people are finding that once you become homeless, it’s much harder to recover. The single mother pair gets the help from a little government money and food stamps.

A few of the main categories that single mothers need help with is housing assistance for single moms, transportation and childcare. Without these three components it proves very hard to many all ends meet together to create a safe and stable environment. There are several prevention services being put into place in several states, so that single mothers are protected a little more. The housing also needs to be affordable, so that single mothers are not faced with having to pay one bill over another. Most homeless single moms just want to find a job and make sure their kids are healthy and well looked after.

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Are Single Parents Child Abusers?

According to this article , single parents in Wisconsin may be marked as more likely to abuse their children that married parents. This idea is promoted by bill number SB 507 within the state legislature system. This bill seems to unfairly target single parents who may already be struggling to pay the bills and raise children with another stigma which not all deserve. Abuse happens in a variety of socio-economic households including both married and single parents. Addressing the issues which lead to abuse and correcting them and being alert to the possibility of abuse is an excellent use of resources, however unfairly labeling an entire group of people as potential abusers is unfair.

Horrific stories of abuse emerge from families of all types and do not include only parents. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins and step-parents and sadly enough even parents have been found guilty of this crime, however there are also many parents and families who do not do so.

Alcohol and drug abuse are two of the biggest contributors to child abuse and may be accelerated by financial concerns. These problems need to be addressed more than whether a parent is single. They may well be single to escape an abusive spouse or the drugs and alcohol, thus actually improving the children’s lives. How often have we seen where child protective agencies have overlooked critical situations which have resulted in death or near death situations for children and a parent.

Bringing attention to the plight of the abused and helping them find ways to escape and find help by putting the funding which this bill will likely entail would be a better use of time and energy. Halfway homes for children and parents who need to escape immediately to a safe place would be a better investment than hiring more workers to watch over single parent households. Educating children in school about where to go for help and encouraging family and neighbors to contact someone to help when they see something wrong rather than assuming all single parents are abusive is a better alternative.

Protecting the children is a just and noble cause, finding a method which actually does so is likely more difficult. Addressing the problems and helping parents learn coping methods while giving the children a safe place to live is the ultimate solution.

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How To Get A Grip on Your Finances

Single parents often face a struggle trying to make finances stretch far enough to cover the basics, let alone anything extra. According to one article the majority of babies currently are born to single women under the age of 30.

At this age not all women are in fulfilling or high paying careers and may need assistance finding ways to make ends meet. Traditional money management techniques are helpful with some excellent ideas found through various online resources. Finding and utilizing additional funds however can be difficult and many single parents may not feel they have enough to even manage, however the opposite is true and it always helps to uncover leaks.

Attending college is one way to increase income in the long run however it requires commitment. FAFSA and other need based grants, loans such as those found through the Stafford Loan Program and additional housing, babysitting, energy and food supplementation is also available. Most states offer an inexpensive or free health insurance program for children. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program helps parents cover the cost of feeding children with dollar amounts being determined by income and expenses. If you are facing an emergency situation many states have an expedited filing where food and other supplement services can be obtained within days.

Planning a budget and setting priorities is of the utmost importance whether working with large or small amounts of money. Setting a small amount back to cover emergencies and unplanned expenditures will provide some security for both parents and children. Finding inexpensive ways to have fun, such as a regular game night, creates a close family bond while teaching children your own values and how to enjoy themselves without spending a lot of money.

Finding methods to improve your life and that of your children will help single parents become more optimistic and see a way out of bad circumstances. Sometimes a simple boost and a plan is all it takes to turn things around and create a positive future. Better health which comes through proper nutrition is vital to having enough energy and feel good enough to begin to emerge to a new beginning.

One of the best ways to improve finances and lifestyle long term is to attend college. Local community colleges, online colleges and universities all offer students loans, grants and scholarships to help them attend school. These help cover living, childcare, books and courses as well as a multitude of other expenses. The schools have counselors who are trained to help find the best help for each individual and situation. Some include jobs through the school itself which can be worked around the course and family schedules.

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File Your FAFSA Application Now to Beat the Deadline

With the March 1st deadline looming on the immediate horizon, anyone who is seeking financial assistance for college should begin their FAFSA application today! Ventura is encouraging students to apply as soon as possible to beat their March 2 deadline.

While the actual date the grants must be sent in by varies by individual state, several have dates which are coming right up. Tens of thousands of dollars which could be used to help cover the cost of college has been left unused annually. These grants never have to be repaid and are available for anyone who qualifies.

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after January 1st in order to gain the maximum amount of money which can be used to help cover college classes and books. Additional grants are often available to help fill the gaps, however most require that a student has already sent in for their FAFSA. These are considered to be need based grants and are basically free money to help students obtain a higher education which in turn gives them the ability to become financially independent. Stafford loans are another option which can be used to supplement costs at lower interest rates but which require a FAFSA application to qualify.

Applicants can search at the FAFSA website to find the last date for which they can apply for their FAFSA by state. Students who are already attending college or are subscribed to their prospective school’s newsletter or blog will find helpful information pertaining to their college of choice such as that seen at Beginning early will help applicants gather the necessary information they will need in order to completely fill out the form. Depending upon the student’s age, parents income and tax information may have to be submitted as well as the student’s.

Students are encouraged to apply by the deadline even if they must make minor corrections later. The process takes some time however it is straightforward and can be filled out online or through the college. Electronic signatures and PIN numbers can be used to help expedite the process and allow for parents to sign for students who are not located within close physical proximity.

Identifying which colleges the student is interested in when filling out the application allows their information to be sent out to the individual schools. Each school just as each state has different criteria when determining the amount of financial aid students will receive. By filling out the application as early as possible students will be better prepared when choosing which college to attend and how to pay for it.

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Discover Ways To Get Grants for Single Moms

If you are in need of cash, then you have to know that there are a lot of grants for moms out there that are specifically designed to help those women in need. The great availability of grants for women especially mothers can be attributed to the fact that women offer a great contribution in improving the economy.

They are capable of earning a degree, starting a successful business and launching a nonprofit organization while also running a household and taking care of their kids. The grants are available to help women and mothers out there start or expand a home business or a nonprofit organization. They can also expect to find educational grants and these will be extremely helpful when it comes to paying for college expenses including books, tuition fees and dorms.

There are actually a lot of ways for moms to receive grants. If you have a hard time providing the needs of your entire family, then you have to know that an effective way for you to receive a grant is to conduct a research about the government programs that offer this. One of these government programs is that which is referred to as WIC. This program is primarily designed for single mothers out there who have children of five years old and below. This program can be expected to provide you and your entire family with basic food such as cheese, cereal, milk, eggs, peanut butter, beans and juice. Every month, you will be given vouchers by the program and these should be used before the expiration date so you can avail of the food items that are being provided. The Department of Children and Families actually run this type of program.
The Administration for Children and Families also offers a program called TANF. This program is considered to be another of the most effective ways to take advantage of grants for moms. If you are a single mother, then this program can be of huge help to you as it offers temporary financial assistance. If you qualify for the program, then expect to receive regular monetary aid. It is just important for you to meet all of the income requirements so you can avail of the grant. In this type of program, grants and housing vouchers can be expected. This will allow you and your entire family to save a substantial amount when renting a apartment. You may also qualify for food stamps and these can be used in discounts for all of your purchases. The discount that you will receive will be dependent on your current income and situation.

If you are currently in search of programs that can help you save on medical expenses for you and for your entire family, then the Medicaid or any other healthy kid programs are perfect for you. This is among the most effective ways to get the kind of financial assistance that you need if you or any member of your family requires immediate medical attention. This type of program allows your children to receive proper medical attention without any cost at all if they just qualify. Your income will also be assessed by the government. It is because you will still be charged with a small co-payment basing on your monthly income. It is also important for you to take note of the fact that the rules and regulations for this type of grant vary from one state to another. You have to first determine the specific requirements in your state so you will know if you and your children qualify for the program. If you qualify, then expect to take advantage of huge savings for the medical needs of your entire family.

If you are one of those mothers who wish to finish their degree, then rest assured that there are also a lot of available grants for moms that are designed for this purpose. Scholarship grants have been made available for mothers out there because there is a huge increase in the number of women who still wish to finish up their degree after giving birth. One out of the many scholarship grants that are available for mothers is the Federal Pell Grant. This is a direct grant which is awarded through participating institutions to qualified students who have not completed their degree yet because of financial circumstances. If you qualify for this type of grant, then expect to receive money at least once for every term. If you enroll in a school that does not have formally defined terms, then you can expect to receive payment at least two times for each academic year.

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Wells Fargo Grants Help Buy Affordable Homes

Wells Fargo, one of the nation’s largest bankers, has awarded more than $5.53 million dollars to families in need of housing, in the form of grants in 2011 alone. In fact, in Clackamas County (and nearby Portland area) 3 dozen families who were in need of immediate housing grants were able to finally afford a home for themselves. The company currently has a program entitled, Priority Markets which is part of a national campaign to help people in need to obtain the housing they need. In the process, the company is helping to rebuild neighborhoods that have been distressed and have lost significant home value. In total, there were 3 local non profit groups which received the grant money.

The Clackamas Community Land Trust in Gladstone received $76,000, and when questioned what they will be doing with the grant money, they will be,

“using the funds to help buy and renovate 14 foreclosed houses.”

Another nonprofit, Proud Ground, is set to share a total of $124,000 with the Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland, OR. According to their spokesperson, they too, will be allocating the funds to purchase and renovate distressed and foreclosed homes.

So, what will these nonprofits do with the homes once the renovation has taken place on the homes? After the homes have been completely renovated, the groups will then sell the homes to those that need housing assistance and are in financial need. Basically, individuals and families who make low-income.

It’s apparent that Wells Fargo is certainly doing their part in giving back to the community. Organizations are not required by law to do this, and the fact that the company is so generous with their money and that they are putting this money to good use to ensure that families in need have a place to call home, is nothing short of “awesome”. The $200,000 received by these 3 groups was only $200,000 of the total $5+ million dollars that Wells Fargo donated in the year 2011. How did Wells Fargo choose which recipients to give the grants to? They received requests from non profits who were identified as having large scale housing projects that needed additional funding.

If you are in need of housing assistance or would like more information on grants, then please read a few of our related posts. Perhaps you can find a wealth of information about these types of grants that you never knew existed. Many people and non-profits are qualifying for these grants…don’t let yourself get left behind!

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Single Mom Turns Hard Work Into A Home

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Talk about hard work, determination, and perseverance! A single mom, Synobia Chan, will finally open the door to her brand new home in Billings.
Chan helped build the house through Habitat for Humanity, but before she was even awarded the home, she worked very hard to get to where she is.

So, how did this single mom end up going from completely homeless, with nowhere to go, to completely owning her very own home?

Well, it wasn’t easy by any means. She’ll be the first to tell you that. In fact, she worked graveyard shift for a telecommunication company as well as working part-time at a McDonalds. During all of this, she contributed to the construction of the home–a total of 150 hours of her own sweat equity. Oh, we aren’t done yet. She’s a real go-getter let me tell you. Along with all of this going on in her life, she also managed to take 30 hours of personal finance and home-buying classes.

She is the mother of 3 children; ages 13, 9, and 3. Chan also has custody of her 16 year old sister ever since their mother died three years ago.

“I knew I always wanted to be a homeowner, but it wasn’t something I thought could be a reality for me, to be able to get it done, being by myself, especially with the economy,” she said.

According to the BillingGazette, Chan was 30 days from being evicted. She tried everything she could to find another place to rent to no avail.

“I felt homeless, because I didn’t have a place for my kids to go,” she said.

This just goes to show that anyone with the determination and the right mindset can truly achieve their wildest dreams.

What do you think?

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How To Find Immediate Housing Grants

Tips in Finding Immediate Housing Grants

We all know what the tough economy has done to the financial market and the real estate market. We also know that it has affected millions of lives in an instant.

That is why for those of you who would like to buy your own home or make some home improvements, now might be a tough time to do so. However, you should not lose all hope because there are ways on how to find immediate housing grants that can help you achieve your dreams.

If you would like to purchase your own home, all you have to do is to research on housing grants that are made available for people like you. House grants allow you to augment whatever funds you have to purchase your home or make some home repairs and changes. But before you find out how to find immediate housing grants you must first know the different types of grants that you can apply for. Here are some of them:
Housing grants for single moms

Energy Efficiency: Grants are usually given out to help address the problems with conservation of energy at home. There are programs for home improvement assistance provided that you allow repairs and improvements on how the house makes use of or receives energy.

First-time Home Owners: If you do not have the right income to buy a house of your own, there are housing grants that help you financially pay for the property you would like to buy. The money you will get from the grant can be used to make down payments as well as to close the costs or mortgage insurance.

Refinancing: If there is an existing mortgage that you are trying to pay off but having difficulty doing so, then you may look into different refinancing options that can help you save money.

Help With Rental: If you have special needs, have a low-income or are approaching your golden years, there are grants that can help you pay the rent. These programs can help provide low-cost housing for the majority of the population who can’t afford to pay the rent as well as pay their utility bills.

Rural Housing: Grant programs are also available for those low-income families living in the rural areas. More often than not, these housing grants are used for home improvements and repairs. This can also help a disabled individual to stay in their home.

State housing Grants: These are actually funds of the state that help individuals and families with very low income buy their own homes.

Now that you know what types of housing grants are available for you, it is time to discover how to find immediate housing grants. This step will definitely involve some requirements that need to be met when applying for these grants. It is important to know that some housing grants may choose to give out direct cash while others provide their assistance indirectly. There are times when a person doesn’t get the money, but their loans and mortgages have lower rates because they are subsidized. That is why you need to conduct a thorough research to know which grants will be right for your financial needs.

If you want to find of these grants, you would have to be eligible to receive them. Remember that the issuer of the grant will be looking into your records to prove that your current financial standing cannot afford the purchase or repairs in your home. You also need to remember that in some cases, the money for the down payment of the house is not included in the grant, so you would still have to save up for the initial deposit to close the purchase on your house. It would do you good to have a good financial history to get a grant. Also, check into rent to own homes if your credit isn’t that great and you can’t qualify for a grant.

Try to apply for these grants through the local federal agencies. One of the best ways to find out if there is a grant you can apply for in your city or state is by looking them up on the internet. Make sure that you have all the financial records, documents and information that you need; scan them and get them ready in case you are asked to submit them. If you are filling up an information sheet on the website for grants, you must provide all the pertinent information necessary for you to get approved for the grant. Wait for the review of your application and the notification if you are approved for the grant or not.

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