Single Moms Continue The Struggle

Tameka Morriss and Struggling Moms

Tameka Morris Buying Shoes For Her Children.

Tameka Morris thought returning to school to earn a nursing degree this year would help her get a full-time occupation and earn enough money to support her three children. Since graduating in Might, nevertheless, she is been not able to capitalize on her behalf education. Employers need more experience than she had collected, or job opportunities were too far on her to think about due to transportation problems.

“After paying rent, utilities and a few groceries, that’s it,” said Morris, 24, who does not receive any public assistance.

The single mother endures by working two to three temporary home health jobs. In a great month, she makes about $900. In the wake of the downturn, 41% of families headed by single women with children are now living in poverty – almost triple the national poverty rate, based on 2010 census data.

Even though the market in Texas has recovered more rapidly than in the remainder of the nation, the state’s single mother poverty rate is only as high at 42%.

Single moms living in poverty is growing at an alarming rate.

But wait. There’s more.

In fact, in a recent post in the Ny Times, Katie Rophie defends single motherhood, arguing that single mothers aren’t a “poor thing for society.” She’s correct. Indeed, the truth is that what’s harmful to culture is not single parenthood. Or is single parenthood the trigger of so much suffering for kids and our country’s enormous poverty rates, including the excessive poverty price of U.S. single moms. Poverty, and not mothers, is the issue. Which poverty isn’t inevitable.

Sweden has really large single mother rates but single mother households have very low poverty rates. That is because Sweden’s policies support looking after kids in households. Sweden supplies universal healthcare, generous paid parent and family leave, parenting training, child care (including good quality early childhood training) and additional caring public policies.

By comparison, our wealthy country’s policies don’t supply help to taking care of kids. Like, they nevertheless don’t supply paid family leave. This not just affects single mom households; it affects all households. As demonstrated by a current U.S. statement, almost half of operating first-time mothers missed paychecks to take care of their kids. Within what of Lynda Laughlin, Family Demographer at the Census Bureau:

Access to paid leave is limited, and it’s also sharply regressive. For working families where the norm now is for both mom and dad to work, not having some kind of paycheck coming in while they take time to take care of a child can be a real financial burden.

What suggestions do you have for our government? What can they do to help single moms thrive in this economy?

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How To Find A Good Man For Single Moms

Trying to find the right man for a single mom is a challenging task; not only because it’s hard to find a man to trust again but it’s hard to find the right father figure for the woman’s children. Here are ways on how to know if he will treat your kids right (for single moms).

The very best way to ensure that your children will be safe and well supported by the man you love is to find the right man in your life. To know this, you should observe your man closely. His behavior and how he treats you gives way to possibilities of how well he can treat your children. If he is kind and gentle, caring and courteous all the time – then this can prove him worthy of being called the right man for both you and your children. You need to see if your man is consistent with his kindness towards your kids.

You need to know if your man can forgive or be patient. We all know that children can be a real challenge at times with their playful personalities and high energetic traits; no one is ever perfect. You have to make sure that he can play well with your children and test his patience with them by taking your man into your home and watch how well he interacts with your children. You can also test his patience by simply observing how he is towards you.

Being compassionate and forgiving can be one of the most important traits that you need in your man on how to know if he will treat your kids right (for single moms). Aside from his patience with you and your children, you also need to know if he can satisfy you and your children’s needs.

You can always sense if a man is selfish or not. A selfish man would never bother about his partner’s needs; and if he cannot do this for you, then you can be sure that he can’t do this for your children either. Children can be very needy at times, and a man should sometimes yield into it but having a man spoil your kid isn’t what you really want for a father figure.

Another how to know if he will treat your kids right (for single moms) is to see if he treats the children like his own. It’s very important that a man would treat your son or daughter like his very own child and see to it that they are first in line with his priorities as your man. For a single mom, of course it’s important to feel loved again and see that he can be trusted; but sometimes, how a man interacts and cares for her children is far more important than him having to love the woman herself.

The most important of all is to know if he makes, not only you, but also your children happy. A single mom’s child’s happiness is her own.

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Budget Planning For Single Mothers

Single Mom Budget PlanningIf you are a single mom, you would want to know how single moms should plan their budget. And because you’re reading this, you know of the everyday struggles. It’s a tough job taking care of children on your own. But what’s even tougher is creating the budget for your finances; including bills and utilities, monthly allowances, extra cash for your groceries and cash for the random problems that life has to offer; like medication or other emergency circumstances that might happen in your life or the lives of your family members.

It’s very important that you know how to spend your money wisely as well as knowing when to spend and where to spend it. You need to be open to simple but effective cost cutting techniques like driving that extra mile for grocery shopping that has great deals, cutting coupons and comparing the price of the products before you decide to purchase it. This can help you a great deal when it comes to saving up. There is a number of companies that gives free trials and samples of their new products free of charge, you should always keep track.

Financial Budget Tips For Single Parents
The first thing you need to do is to write a list of your monthly expenses and never leave out the littlest things like groceries and gas. Always include your bills’ due dates just to make sure that you are well informed about them. Nothing is worse than having to look past due dates and remember them at the very last minute!

Scan through your past bank statements as well as your past expenses; keep a close eye on what to cut down when it comes to expenses like those from restaurants or fast food chains. By doing this, you can plan your finances for the months to come. Another great idea is to closely monitor your credit score.

Another way on how single moms should plan their budget is to always keep track with the dates of their salary and how much they receive on said dates. Always include child support or alimony if you receive it. Single moms would like to consider their assets in the list just to make sure if they need to use it. These steps should be done separately.

Subtract this, just so you can see if you have leftovers. Once you do, you need to put these into a separate account; one that you have no easy access to like a close withdrawal location or a debit card. You might need this in case of emergencies or when you tragically fall short financially.

When you have none left over, you need to do something extra to meet your budget. The trick on how single moms should plan their budget is to forecast all of their financial needs in advance; this way it helps with reducing the stress of money because of the knowledge that they already have with advanced planning.

Without proper planning, being a single mom would be difficult; but with precise planning and proper budgeting, you are assured to be worry free and keep enjoying motherhood all at the same time.

What kind of budgeting tips can you give other single moms? Is there a special budgeting trick that’s helped you?

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3 Financial Tips Every Mom Should Know

Every mother should know how to arrange the finances of her family well. This applies whether she is living with a partner or she is single. This applies very much if she has children. Aside from taking care of her children, she should always leave some time for thinking about the family budget, so that the family will always have enough during times of prosperity and during dire financial straits. Whether one parent or both earn the money, it generally falls upon the mother to decide the financial priorities of the family. Mothers are aware of the state of the market and are also more acquainted with educational expenses because she has the time to look (the husband may be working such that he has little time to peruse financial issues).

Financial stability is an ongoing issue for many families now. There are many single mothers nowadays who can’t figure out how to meet the expenses of their children. There are even couples that, after years of being together and having children, begin to argue and quarrel because of financial issues. So here are 3 financial tips every mom should know. Actually, there should be more than 3 financial tips every mom should know, but we can summarize all of these tips into just three easy-to-remember tips. These three tips can act as rules of thumb for every mother to remember every time she is faced with everyday finances and significant financial decisions. Here they are:

  • Save money. This is one of the most obvious tips, yet this is a tip that can easily be forgotten. There are families that spend too much on nonessential items such that they forget the essential expenses in the future. Mothers should know the things they are saving money for, and here they are emergencies, especially medical emergencies; retirement; and the education of the children, especially for college. Mothers should always consider future scenarios, and they should save enough for these scenarios. Simply saving a small percentage of the monthly salary (5-10%) can go a long way (if we consider also compound interest.
  • Save Money Now

  • Start budgeting – Budgeting is important so that a family will spend most on essential expenses and only small amounts on nonessential ones. Budgeting can also make mothers examine the financial state of the family. Through budgeting, mothers can find out where exactly to spend more on, where to cut down expenses, and which additional expenses can be worthy of adding. Budgeting can also teach children to prioritize the right things when spending money. If you are a mother, you can show the budget plan to your children, and you can now answer the question to why they can’t always have what they desire to have – it’s because they have to get what they need first, and resources are limited.
  • Budget Your Money

  • Consult a financial planner – Mothers can get a financial planner to help them manage their present expenses well. Financial planners can also offer tips regarding many other aspects of finance. These include future expenses, debts, and how to use credit cards (perhaps the most misused financial instruments) properly. Financial planners can set a mother’s financial priority straight.
  • You May Need a Financial Planner

These 3 financial tips can really help mothers start handling their finances and making sure that the family’s important needs are cared for.

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Dear VP Hopeful Paul Ryan

Your current financial plan is a bit flawed. You see, your financial plan is planning on taking away much needed government benefits from people who truly need it. Not just single mother’s either. Just about everyone who falls under federal poverty guidelines will be subject to falling even further in debt. This “plan” will not only cause families who struggle financially to spiral into an ocean of further debt, but it could possibly cause riots and cause our country to become further divided.

Sound outrageous?

It already happened in Greece.

Could it happen here?

I think so. This group does as well.

In fact, our opinion is that you are only concerned about the top 2% of top earner’s in the U.S If your plan were to happen, which we don’t see happening, it will take 28 years for our country to become debt free. In that time, millions of people would not have the proper government assistance they currently receive. More people would be tossed out onto the street. Hunger would run rampant in the streets.

Sorry, but this financial plan of yours just doesn’t seem the right way to go.

It didn’t work in Wisconsin and it won’t work on a national level either.

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What’s Happening To Pell Grants?

It seems democrats and republicans can never agree on anything these days. And when they do, it’s usually a bad decision either way. This rings true especially about the current assault on pell grants.

In fact, I thought President Obama was all about “education”.

Apparently he’s headed in the wrong direction. And if #Romney surely will not be any better if elected as President.

Consider this:

If we eliminate these grants right now, almost half of all African American students would lose their education. 40% of Hispanics would drop out…unable to pay for a college education.

Do any of these political fartknockers understand that:

Cutting Pell Grants Will Only Cause A Tidal Wave of Dropouts


I thought we were trying to rebuild our economy, and at the same time, instilling confidence in our fellow Americans?

Recent Twitter Search For Pell Grants

According to a report by The New York Times covering the study, “In Texas, for example, of every 100 students who enrolled in a public college, 79 started at a community college, and only 2 of them earned a two-year degree on time; even after four years, only 7 of them graduated. Of the 21 of those 100 who enrolled at a four-year college, 5 graduated on time; after eight years, only 13 had earned a degree.”


I know that there are many graduates wandering the streets of unemployment at the moment, but…

At least these individuals have an education. In most cases, a person with a college degree will be chosen over someone without a degree. And if we eliminate a good portion of the Pell grant funds, this will only have a severe negative impact on those who can’t afford college at all…without the help of various types of grants. We will be doing such determined individuals a severe injustice.

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Applying For Federal Grants Online

Without college grants, many single moms would be unable to afford the college education they require to obtain a decent job in today’s work climate. Being a single mother is tough enough–finding the financial aid and assistance you need to go back to school shouldn’t be. That’s why we decided to write a more informative post on how to apply for a school grant.

There are currently two grants which our federal government provides to students. They are the FSEOG (the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants) and, of course, Pell Grants.

Pell Grant Eligibility

Like most things in life, you have to qualify for it–and/or meet the minimal requirements in order to receive this grant. The minimal requirements as of the 2012-13 school year are you must have a high school diploma, and you must fall below a certain financial income threshold ($19,000 annual income) The amount that the federal government will give you depends on many factors and variables as Federal Student Aid calculates an applicants financial status using the Expected Family Contribution algorithm. Our latest check revealed that the maximum Pell grant allowance is around $5,500 for the year.

The first thing you want to do when determining your eligibility, is search around our websites for the various types of grants which may be available to you. (Don’t forget that each state has their own specific grants in addition to the federal grants). Once you have an idea of which grants and scholarships you qualify for, you can fill out the FAFSA online, or if you prefer, you can walk in to your financial aid department at your college and ask to speak with a financial aid counselor. Speaking with a counselor after you have researched all of the potential grants you qualify for is the best bet, because your counselor could potentially point out additional state or county specific grants or scholarships which we have missed.
The deadline to file your FAFSA has to be filed before June 30 of the current year. If you want financial aid for the current year plus the first part of the following year, then you must meet this deadline.

The deadline is fast approaching, so be sure you get your application in as soon as possible. Again, you can speak with your college financial aid counselor about helping you fill out the form (they don’t charge) or you can fill out the FAFSA here.

Good luck in your educational endeavors!

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New Housing Database Coming Soon

U.S Emergency Cash Assistance is hard at work implementing a grant and housing assistance database on our site. There are several reasons as to why our website is implementing this internal database. We know how hard it is to find housing, let alone when it’s an emergency or when you are in a rough financial spot. The average person has trouble finding a decent place to live for several reasons. One of the major reasons is affordability. It costs a lot of money to own and operate a home. Not only is finding a home difficult, but trying to find a house grant is also hard. The real estate market is up in shambles, but that is why U.S. Emergency Cash Assistance wants to provide you with an up to date housing assistance search feature to make your life much easier.

Here are a few reasons as to why people have such trouble finding an affordable place to live.

  • Section 8 housing is behind 2-3 years, leaving many people in an unfavorable circumstance with nowhere to go. This means that there is a major waiting list for those who need this housing to survive. Waiting this long on a home to live in could mean that you live in undesirable circumstances.


  • Many people in situations where they have nowhere to go. Nowhere to go means that you could end up homeless and that should never be the case.

Reality really is not your friend when you know you need a place to live, but have nowhere to turn. There are other alternatives to those who need to find housing assistance or even a housing grant. There are several local charities and organizations that offer help to those who need it. To help serve you, we are currently hiring a web development team to develop a local search engine on our site, to help you find immediate housing assistance your area.

Help is coming soon to those who need housing, but can’t find it. Imagine being in a circumstance where you have no one to ask for help and nowhere to go. A database like this can help you look up valuable information that can help you lead a better life.
What do you need to do?

Well, first of all try and be as patient as possible as U.S. Emergency Cash Assistance works hard to bring you this search feature. Our goal is to make sure you find a home that you feel safe and secure in without losing your dignity. Everyone has the right to find a home that they can call their own. All of these resources are out there and we are going to bring them right to your front computer screen. Wait patiently as our designers and programmers build a search feature that helps you find local housing . Valuable information at the press of a mouse is right around the corner. Stay tuned and keep checking back to U.S. Emergency Cash Assistance for this grant and housing assistance search feature.

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Affordable Housing Gets Tougher In The Unites States

Living pay check to pay check is not new for those who are single moms or struggling financially. A young woman by the name of Tara Jackson has been living paycheck to paycheck for several years. This type of lifestyle is not in vain because she has been taking care of her children and trying to provide a good lifestyle for them. She was laid off in October and living this way is not going to be feasible much longer. Currently, she is living off of a small stipend and unemployment.

The single mother is doing everything in her power to make ends meet and make sure she can afford to live. The rent that she can afford does not make sense with the area she lives in. Tara is looking for a place to live, but most places want over a grand a month, just for rent. She has come to face the fact that she’ll either live in a poor part of town or she will struggle with her rent each month.

Housing is becoming less affordable across the country, but especially in Arizona. There is a major shortage for those who are looking for affordable housing. Those who are looking for housing in the state of Arizona will find that only about 20 percent of the homes available are actually affordable. Nevada is another state in which people are faced with unrealistic charges when it comes to rent and housing. There are also a lot of homes that are faced with foreclosure around the country.

People who make next to nothing cannot afford rent and therefore it’s almost impossible to charge them rent. As a result of this issue a larger burden falls on the states to help produce housing for these people groups. Arizona has a state fund for housing, but that doesn’t cover everyone who needs it. Some people have to drive further into the “suburb” to find a house that they can afford.

It’s almost as if every person has to fend for themselves because there is just not enough housing assistance to go around for everyone. People like Tara do not want to risk their families just to live in a more affordable location.

Click here to view the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s research into the shrinking supply of affordable housing.

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Food Stamp Program Faces Uncertainty

Lottery Winner Still On Welfare
You may have recently heard the news relate to people in Michigan winning the lottery, but they are still allowed to collect food stamps. The program is under scrutiny because there are millions of people around the United States who are struggling from day to day. Hitting jackpots but still being allowed to collect unemployment seems a little insane for those who are not hitting the jackpot. Taxpayers are working hard and giving their money to people, but it seems to be backfiring. The food stamp programs helps keep poor families, single mothers and a lot of other people afloat during this rough economy.

A lot of people are stepping forward and trying to put a stop to those collecting food stamps after they win the lottery. Just the food stamp program in the United States cost almost $75 billion dollars. This is at the expense of tax payers as well. There are over 45 million people who rely on food stamps each year to help them buy groceries. Tax payers are arguing that they have a right to know where their tax dollars are being spent.

The people who need it should be the people receiving the assistance. Each state is doing what it can to try and crack down on those who are seeking benefits from food stamps. For example, if you live in Pennsylvania, you can no longer have more than $5,500 dollars in a savings account. If you do, you are not eligible for food stamp benefits. Most states do it a little differently and that is what’s getting the program in trouble. Anyone who is on welfare can automatically qualify for food stamps.

States say that the reason they participate in doing it this way is because the entire enrollment process is easier this way. Some states also say that they put these rules in place because otherwise most people would not qualify for food stamps. There needs to be a fine balance between those who need food stamps and those who are eligible. Each law in each state is different. Some follow the federal guidelines and others have adopted their own.

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