BBB Warns of New Government Grant Scam

government grant scam-alert
Government grant scams have been an ongoing issue for a while. It seems that a new one pops up every day. In the case of the Cleveland BBB, they have issued a warning about a new grant scam–and apparently people are losing lots of money from it. In fact, the Cleveland BBB reported a woman last week lost several hundred dollars.

The woman who was swindled said she received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She was then told she was eligible for $10,000 in grant money given to families in need. The scammer on the other end of the line told her that all she needed to do in order to get this grant is pay $730 using Green Dot MoneyPak cards to cover processing fees.

After getting the cards and paying the $730, she was then told she needed to pay an additional $370 to cover state taxes! (Crazy, right?!)

After refusing to pay, she was told the $10,000 grant money would be frozen.

The BBB reports that even more people are falling for this scam. The government NEVER calls and awards grants in this manner, ever.

Here’s a tip: If the offer sounds to good to be true, it usually is. If you want to research real grants, then the best official place to do so is Bottom line? Avoid offers and purchases that require you to send the person money upfront. It’s just not worth it. And 99.9% of the time a scam.


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7 High Paying Jobs Single Moms Can Do Without a Degree

Being a single mom is tough. You deserve a lot of credit for what you do. In fact, the reason you weren’t able to finish school or pursue a high degree is because you are trying to make ends meet for your family. Check out these 7 high paying jobs that single moms can do without a degree:

  1. Sales
    Being a sales person can really be the perfect job for a single mom that’s good at it. Why is this? Well, so many sales jobs are commission based. So that means if you are good at making sales, you can really make a good living. Consider being a saleswoman in the electronic, automobile, or makeup world. If it’s not for you, then you can say you at least tried.

  2. Social Media Marketer
    Becoming a social media marketer is smart on so many levels. It’s well paying and it does not take a degree. There are a lot of free courses, blog posts, and resources you can use to learn even more about the social media world.

  3. Web Developer
    Don’t forget that the world is becoming more and more tech. As a single mom, if you want to follow the money, then you should check into becoming a web developer. Web developers are the heart of the Internet and there seems to always be a place for someone who can build a website or do a mean website code.

  4. Receptionist
    Many people think of becoming a receptionist and think that it’s not high paying. This is so wrong. You have to look into the right receptionist jobs. If you can’t find a great receptionist job, then consider becoming a virtual assistant. You can become an assistant to people and businesses all over the world. It’s a win-win on all levels.

  5. Postal Worker
    There is a lot of talk about the postal worker scene. However, the postal service is one of the longest standing entities in the United States. Although the hours are long as a postal worker, the money is good. It is also a job you can do without a college degree.

  6. Daycare Manager
    If you want to stay at home with your kids and make a good living, then consider starting your own daycare. If you go through the correct certifications, you could attract the right families and make a good living. You can also seek a position as a daycare manager. There is good money to be made as you work your way up to the top of some of these daycares.

  7. Animal Control Worker
    If you’re a single mom that loves animals, perhaps becoming an animal control worker is a career to get involved in. You would be investigating the mistreatment of animals. Does that sound like something you would love? Pay ranges depending on where you live, but most animal control careers start out at around 34,000.

Finding a job that pays high dollar without a degree can be a challenge, especially when you want to be there for your children. A great suggestion for getting a high paying job without a degree is to start your own business. With a great business plan and determination, you can have control over your career and still live a flexible life.

Do you have a high paying job without a degree? Please share!

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The Top 6 Online Colleges for Stay at Home Moms

As a stay at home mom, life can get pretty dull sometimes. You take care of the kids, house, and everything else, but sometimes you just need to exercise your mind. I know that I feel my best when I feel like I’m challenging myself. That’s why when I decided to go back to school; I looked for the best online colleges for stay at home moms. After all, if you’re going to spend your money, you need to do it in the best way possible.

  1. University of Phoenix
    Okay, let’s be honest, you have heard of the University of Phoenix before, but why? For one, it’s actually an accredited school. So many schools claim to be accredited, but are not. You do not want to go through a bunch of online classes for no reason. That’s why the University of Phoenix was one of my top choices for online colleges, when I decided to go back to school.

  2. Capella University
    If you pay attention to online colleges, then you might have heard of Capella University. The great thing about this online college for stay at home moms is that it offers different levels of education. You can go for your BA or MA. Of course, my favorite was that it offered a degree in Education because that’s what I’m most interested in. My BA is already in Education, so I was looking into getting my MA.

  3. Kaplan University
    I know that Kaplan is one of the most popular universities among stay at homes for many reasons. One of my favorite reasons was how far they go in trying to help you get financial aid. It’s very clear on their website that they offer financial aid. What SAHM doesn’t need help getting money to go to school?

  4. Keller University
    If I could redo college and go back for a BA it would be for management or business. The reason I loved coming across Keller University was because it was available online and it has many options for the stay at home mom. I know when I was looking for a college it needed to be flexible because my life isn’t always manageable with a 4 and 2 year old, plus a newborn! Also for the SAHM that needed to get a higher learning degree, Keller is a perfect fit.

  5. Westwood College
    I have to admit that when I was first searching for online colleges, I had never heard of Westwood College before. Since I had not heard of it before, I was even more curious about it. I wanted to make sure this was a real college and not just one that pretended to be one. So I did some research and they offer a legitimate way to earn an online degree and have several programs for the stay at home mom who wants to go back to school.

  6. Champlain College
    The name of this online school is very catchy, which is why I first paid so much attention to it. But then I started digging around and noticed that this school had a lot more to offer than I originally thought. They have several educational programs that make sense to the stay at home mom. For example: software development is often something a SAHM can do right from her home. If you want to go back to school and do it online, then Champlain College is one to check out!

  7. There are so many online colleges that are perfect for SAHM moms that it was really hard to narrow it down. However, I think I’ve given you a great list of the top 6 colleges for stay at home moms. I encourage you to go through the list and see which college would match you the best! Good luck.

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The Single Moms Guide For Going Back To School

If you are a single mom looking to go back to school, first of all, congratulations! You are about to embark on an adventure that will surely benefit you and your kids in the future. As you know, nothing worth working for in life is easy, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it. Here are some steps for you to take as you begin this incredible opportunity.

Decide What You Want To Do.

By now, you have been thinking about what career field you may be interested in. What is your passion? What are your talents? What do you truly enjoy doing? Perhaps you love helping people and would like to become a nurse. Maybe you love working with numbers and accounting appeals to you. Maybe you want to help protect people and criminal justice is what you want to pursue. All of these a great career choices, and there are so many more. Spend some time in self-reflection and ask yourself what you want to do for the rest of your life. Talk with close family members and friends about it too. Many times talking with others about a big decision like this one helps give you clarity.

Find A School With Your Program and Apply!

After you have decided what you would like to do, it’s time to find a school that offers your program. This will all depend on your career choice. It could be a local community college, an online college, a technical school, or a bigger university. Determine also, what you need to do to apply to the program. Other than the obvious application you will need to fill out, are there tests you need to take? Essays you need to write? Recommendations you need to ask for? Generally you will need to request transcripts to be sent as well. All this paperwork is usually not fun, but it is essential to get it in as soon as you can. You should also find out if you’re eligible for a PELL grant.

After you finish the paperwork, it is time to wait. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you hear if you have been accepted into your program. If you don’t hear within a few weeks, you can always call the school and ask about the “status of your application.” They should be helpful and let you know what to expect.

The Registration Process

After you have been accepted into your program, it is time to register for classes. You will need to decide your school schedule based on your life’s schedule. Will you be taking classes online? Who will watch your children while you are in class? Do you work another job? Keep all this in mind as you register for classes. Most classes are offered online or in the evenings if you need these options. You should also consult your academic advisor to talk about your goals. This individual will help you choose classes and work around your schedule. They will be one of your greatest allies during this journey so never be afraid to contact him or her to talk.

Paying For School

Of course, you will need to pay for your schooling, but there are options available for you since you are a single mother. Many single moms are offered financial aid including grants. Grants are funds given to you to pay for school that you will not need to pay back. You will need to do some research to see how to apply for grants or other financial aid. You will need to fill out the FASFA form (The Free Application for Federal Students Aid). This form will open up the doors to see what type of financial aid you will be able to receive. Don’t let the prospect of paying for your schooling scare you. Just do what you can to see what you will qualify for.

Manage Your Time and Work Hard

After you have figured out all the details, it’s time to delve in! You will be reading, studying and working hard in your classes so make sure you manage your time wisely. If you have family or friends offer to help you by watching your kids, take them up on their offers. You need plenty of time to concentrate on your studies so never hesitate to ask for help if you need it. This will be a busy time in your life, but in the grand scheme of time, you will be glad that you chose to return to school. Your hard work will pay off, just don’t give up!

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5 College Grants Single Moms Overlook

Going to college used to be limited to only those who could afford it, but times have changed so much. Single moms can now have the opportunity to go to college through something called a ‘grant.’ Keep in mind that grants do not have to be paid back. There are hundreds of grants available to single moms, but many single moms go after the same grants and overlook obvious grants that could help pay for their education.  Let’s take a look at five of those grants:

  1. Finding Local Grants

    There are many federal grants out there that will help a single mother pay for college, but what about local grants. You don’t have to depend on the government to pay for your entire college. Instead, look at what the state you live in can provide and also what local grants are available. For example: if you are a pregnant mom that wants to attend college at a local university, you may be eligible for a grant.

    The way to find out if you’re eligible for these types of grants is to ask for a list from the local college. The only way you will be able to find most of these grants is by calling the college or university and asking yourself.

  2. Thinking Outside of the Box with the Jeanette Rankin Scholarship

    When a person thinks of a single mom, they often think of someone in their early twenties or later teens. However, there are some single moms out there who are in their thirties and older. Because a lot of people forget that single mothers vary in ages, finding a grant that caters to older single moms can be difficult.

    Take the Jeanette Rankin scholarship for example. This scholarship is available to just women and isn’t necessarily just catered to single moms. When looking for grants or scholarships, you have to be willing to look at different criteria that you will qualify. The Jeanette Rankin scholarship is catered to women and empowering them through education. You have to be at least 35, which makes this scholarship especially unique.

  3. Try Out the Work Study Program

    Work study grants used to be more popular than what they are now. It’s not out of the ordinary to think of solutions like this to help pay for your college. As a single mom, why not apply for a work study program. There are federal work study programs that will allow you to pay for your education. While this may not be your first option, it is a way to pay for school and get real world experience.

  4. Look into Your Field of Study

    Finding broad single mother grants can be hard because there are so many single mothers applying for those grants. However, things get a little easier when you look into grants that are supported by the type of work you are diving into. If you are a single mom diving into the nursing scene, then there are several local grants you could apply for. Make sure you also check in with local hospitals. Nurses are in high demand, so you never know what grants or scholarships might be available in your area. You can also see our guide about the top paying jobs for single moms here

  5. Hardship Grants May be an Option

    Although no one likes to admit that they have fallen on hard times, there may be a grant option for single moms who are having a hard time. These grants are known as “hardship grants.” Some of these grants are available from the federal government and some are local. A grant may come in the form of food vouchers, gas vouchers, or even childcare vouchers.

    Anything it takes to help you get through school can be considered a “grant.” If you’re having a hard time getting through school or making ends meet while you are in school, make sure you look at all of your options.

  6. Finding a grant as a single mom is a lot easier these days than ever before. But there are also a lot more single mothers applying for these grants and scholarships and that means the money may run out faster. Don’t be afraid to look at the local options and private available to single mothers who want to go to college.

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Our Top 10 Favorite Posts of All Time

It’s been a long 2 years and the staff here at U.S Emergency Cash Assistance is taking a short break to find new content to write about. We’re also talking about adding a forum for single moms to interact with one another. In the meantime, we’ve created a list of 10 of the most popular articles on our site. The articles are rated according to the number of comments.

Without further ado, here ya go.

  1. How To Get A Government Grant
  2. Scholarships For Single Mothers
  3. Financial Assistance For Single Mothers
  4. Grants For Single Mothers
  5. Education Programs For Single Mothers
  6. Home Loans For Single Mothers
  7. Loans For Single Moms With Bad Credit
  8. Check Your Credit Score For Free
  9. The Scholarship Resource Section
  10. The Top Ten Ways Single Moms Can Make Money

What do you think? Did we leave one out? What was your favorite article over the past two years? Drop us a comment in the section below or share on Facebook and tweet on Twitter!

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3 Ways Moms Can Make Money Online This Summer

If you’re a single mom looking for a way to make extra money this summer, then listen up: we’ve found–and tested–6 ways you can make extra money on the internet…working from home part time or full time. You can start out doing these jobs or gigs part time…and gradually move into doing it full-time…or…keep doing it on a part time basis just to have extra money to spend to pay bills or just have “extra”

  1. Scanning The Gig’s Section of Craigslist.
  2. Craigslist Money
    Are you an expert at your craft? Perhaps you’re good with computers. You could offer to fix people’s computers for a nominal fee or offer senior citizens computer classes. Or, if you’re a social media pro, you can offer to help local businesses set up their social media profiles and show them how update their networks. If you scan the listings in the “Gigs” section of Craiglist you’re sure to come up with a bunch of ideas you can use.

  3. Write Content for Online Publishers
  4. Write Content Make Money
    Online publishers, such as, are always looking for experts to write quality articles and how to guides on niche topics. The parent company, Demand Media, has tons of other sites which you could write for also. You’ll basically just apply to be a content writer on their network by applying here: . Be warned: their writer approval process is very strict. You’ll need to have the chops if you want to pass their rigorous tests. Don’t want to deal with the headache? Try a less strict company like

  5. Start a Video Blog About Something You’re Passionate About
  6. vlogging make money
    Chances are, someone else is just as passionate about it as you are. And if it’s something that a LOT of people are interested in, or if they just enjoy watching you, then you can make quite a bit of money from advertising. Youtube recently allowed just about anyone to partner up with them, create a custom channel, and monetize it with their contextual advertising platform, Adsense. If you can get enough channel subscribers and views to your videos, you can make a healthy income. You don’t need to be the biggest out there…just find a small niche that people are passionate about, become the expert in your niche, and profit.

    Do you have any ideas about how single moms can make extra money? Let us hear them!

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Pell Grant Jumpers Cost Colleges 1.2 Billion Dollars Last Year

With so many people needing financial assistance out there, here we are having people doing crap like this? Say it isn’t so. Unfortunately, it is. Yep, it looks like thousands of Michigan residents have scammed the local colleges by taking Pell Grant money, and not attending classes. I don’t know about you, but crap like this really upsets me. Do you realize how many people need financial assistance? Millions of people. Yet, we have imbecilices in our civilization who act like complete morons and make life more difficult for the rest of us.

Perhaps the people who ran off with the Pell grant didn’t realize that the colleges have to repay the federal government the money they took. Perhaps, they did realize it and just didn’t care. Either way, people need to come to their senses and realize that life is about more than just them. Stop screwing other people over. Really.

Anyway, back to the story…

Colleges in the area, such as Henry Ford Community College, must repay the Pell grant money back to the federal government. Guess what this means? You guessed it. A tuition increase. And people wonder why college is so expensive and why student loans are growing at unprecedented rates.

I’ll tell you why.


Pell Grant Runners

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WHF Partnership Grant Awarded To Good Shepherd

WHF Award Grants To Good Shepherd
Mount Vernon non-profit Good Shepherd Home and Family Services obtained a grant from the WHF Foundation last week.

The WHF Foundation gave $5,000 awards to six D.C. area nonprofits that assist women through economic literacy, home support, and lifestyle skills programs. These nonprofits were given grants:

  • Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless
  • Calvary Women’s Services
  • Doorways
  • Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services, Inc.
  • Interfaith Works
  • Open Arms Housing

We are grateful to have the WHF Foundation as a longstanding supporter helping us to give low-income families a fresh start toward stable housing,” GSH Executive Director Shannon Steene said. “An important tool that the WHF Foundation and GSH value is the financial education of those we serve. Effectively using their household income helps our clients create their own success and stability.

“We are always thrilled when we can demonstrate our commitment to non-profit partner organizations that are working in the community everyday to support women and families – either financially or through volunteer efforts in financial literacy training –” WHF Foundation President Lisa Andrews said in a release. “This year’s grantees are at the forefront of providing direct services to families in need. Many of our partner organizations’ offer programs on basic financial literacy, and empower low-income women and their families to become more self-sufficient. It’s a time when many non-profits are experiencing cuts to charitable giving and funding, but the services they provide are needed more than ever. I am proud that WHF Foundation is able to continue making meaningful contributions to these worthwhile organizations.”

The WHF Foundation has offered Partnership Grants for 14 years. Resources for the grant are elevated through direct benefits from WHF members and from sponsorships and contributions from companies, associations and persons within the DC metro region.

The WHF Foundation has added more than $600,000 to neighborhood businesses, located more than 200 financial literacy services, and supplied more than $9,500 in scholarships to girls at Trinity College.

Do you know of anyone else that has been awarded grants lately?

Let us know and we will post it on our blog!

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AARP Awards 46 Scholarships To Women

AARP Wins Our Monthly Award!

More Companies Should Step Forward Like AARP!

AARP Foundation today announced it has given 46 scholarships in its sixth annual Women’s Scholarship Program. The scholarships provide opportunity for low-income 50-plus women by financing education, training, and skills upgrades that may result in better employment and increased financial security for women and their own families. An overall total of over $175,000 was given in increments of $500 to $5,000 according to financial need and the price of the instruction or training course. The AARP is consistenty giving out scholarhips to a lot of individuals in need, and we sincerely thank them for giving back again to the city. You will find very few corporations that still have this perspective. Only if more corporations thought in this way!

What exactly is the AARP?

Wondering what the AARP is precisely? AARP is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization, with a membership in excess of 37 million, that helps individuals 50 have independence, selection and get a grip on in ways that are advantageous for them and society in general. AARP will not support candidates for public office or make contributions to either political campaigns or candidates. They’ve greatly contributed to society and therefore are the first choice in 50 life style publications.

The also produce AARP The Magazine, the authoritative voice for Americans 50 and the world’s biggest-circulation magazine; AARP Bulletin, the go-to news source for the 50 crowd; AARP VIVA, a bilingual life style multimedia platform addressing the interests and needs of Hispanic Americans; and national television and radio programming including My Generation and Interior E Street. This corporation has been with us for many years.

The AARP Foundation can be an associated charity that provides security, protection, and authorization to old individuals in need with support from a large number of volunteers, donors, and sponsors. AARP has staffed offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands They are located in all 50 states and are simply a telephone call away if you are ever interested in providing them with a call.

Three girls from Illinois (from Waukegan, Urbana and Bloomington) were chosen to get scholarships totaling $8,000. AARP Foundation created the Women’s Scholarship Program in August 2007 to assist old women over come financial and employment barriers by facilitating their entry in to education and training programs they might otherwise perhaps not afford, and finally helping in their recession recovery efforts. The AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program is an integral part of a larger Workforce Initiative that is really paving the best way to steady income by linking jobless workers 50-plus with hourly-wage jobs to strengthen local economies and changing lives. More corporations have to embrace the AARP edge and give back to the community.

“AARP Foundation is committed to elevating opportunities for women,” said AARP Foundation President Jo Ann Jenkins. “We are so proud of this program, which has helped hundreds of deserving women have access to the educational opportunities to advance their employment goals and ensure better financial security for themselves and their families.”

Find out more about the AARP women’s grants here.

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