Affordable Housing Gets Tougher In The Unites States

Living pay check to pay check is not new for those who are single moms or struggling financially. A young woman by the name of Tara Jackson has been living paycheck to paycheck for several years. This type of lifestyle is not in vain because she has been taking care of her children and trying to provide a good lifestyle for them. She was laid off in October and living this way is not going to be feasible much longer. Currently, she is living off of a small stipend and unemployment.

The single mother is doing everything in her power to make ends meet and make sure she can afford to live. The rent that she can afford does not make sense with the area she lives in. Tara is looking for a place to live, but most places want over a grand a month, just for rent. She has come to face the fact that she’ll either live in a poor part of town or she will struggle with her rent each month.

Housing is becoming less affordable across the country, but especially in Arizona. There is a major shortage for those who are looking for affordable housing. Those who are looking for housing in the state of Arizona will find that only about 20 percent of the homes available are actually affordable. Nevada is another state in which people are faced with unrealistic charges when it comes to rent and housing. There are also a lot of homes that are faced with foreclosure around the country.

People who make next to nothing cannot afford rent and therefore it’s almost impossible to charge them rent. As a result of this issue a larger burden falls on the states to help produce housing for these people groups. Arizona has a state fund for housing, but that doesn’t cover everyone who needs it. Some people have to drive further into the “suburb” to find a house that they can afford.

It’s almost as if every person has to fend for themselves because there is just not enough housing assistance to go around for everyone. People like Tara do not want to risk their families just to live in a more affordable location.

Click here to view the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s research into the shrinking supply of affordable housing.

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  1. Lakesha W says:

    Its not only hard to pay rent in those countrys. But also in the United States. The rent is a grand or better here. I know because my rent is over a grand. And it takes both of my goverment checks to pay my rent. And i have nothing left over to take care of my kids. Cant work because of my health. Cant go back to school because i only have a 8th grade education. Tried to get a grant to get my high school dipolma or g.e.d. But the grant is for single mothers that want to go to college. And i dont have the education for college.

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