If you’re a single mom struggling to make ends meet, then you need to know that there is hope out there. This hope is in the form of grants, scholarships,financial aid, financial assistance, and even career opportunities. Finding this type of assistance on the internet can be downright complex. For this reason, we would like to welcome you to U.S Emergency Cash Assistance.

Our site is designed to help single moms like yourself understand how you can get into college practically free with the use of grants, scholarships, and financial aid provided by the federal government as well as private sources. We don’t limit ourselves to providing this information only. We also help single moms understand how they can stop working dead end jobs and build a career for themselves. Finding financial aid for single mothers doesn’t have to be difficult. Unlike other sites, we provide you with the relevant information you need to make informed decisions today. We make it easy for you.

If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.
– St. Clement of Alexandra


This site is purely educational for informational purposes only. We do not provide any type of grant, scholarship, or financial assistance. We purely offer moral support and offer single moms the information they need to find grants and financial assistance. It’s recommended that you speak with a financial adviser.

Georgetta Mills
U.S Emergency Cash Assistance Co-Editor

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  1. i need my propane tank filled i have less than 100 gallons and dont have the money to fill it.


    i had to quit working about 2 years ago to take care of my husband, he ,was on transplant list, was taken off said list viral loads being low, 16 months later on nov7th he died he thought that i wiil get his service connected disability,but i have to reapply, which i can’t do without death certificate, i need money for rent and car insrance worst comes to worse i will have to live in rv on the side of the road with no plumbing and somehow i need to get batteries too. he also had no life ins, because of hep c. ,which he


    contracted in navy as a corpmen, any help until i find a job would be greatly appreciated.. he died on nov 07th 2010, i have already started to look for work, even though i haven’t had time to grieve. thank you nanci sisneros

  4. i am in very need to talk to some one about a loan . i have bills that have too be paid and don,t know where to turntoo . iwould greatly appericate it if you would help me

  5. i need emergency help to buy groceries and pay bills i really need assistance


    I’m a single mother of 3 and i need heep with making deposit on a house

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