A Place For Single Mothers

Often times, single mothers have nowhere to turn at all when they
become pregnant with their child. The sad fact is that a lot of these
honorable women have no supportive family to turn to, and in some cases no family at all.

How can it be that our government has not done more to educate our single mothers on pregnancy issues, taking care of their children, showing them how to provide, and providing them with massive resources to enable them to succeed?

I’ve always wished that we had some type of “life” education program for single others, and this has now become reality by providing housing for single mothers. The Supportive Housing For Young Mothers (SHYM) does just that. It’s a non-profit organization that helps single, young mothers develop the life skills that they so desperately need in order to build a strong, secure loving family in a safe and encouraging environment.

This environment provides them an affordable home, which is secure and free from violence. The young mothers who become part of this
program all live on welfare or some type of social assistance.
The welfare they receive pays for their housing expenses at the
facility and also the childcare expenses.

If he had more non -profit organizations that helped single mothers
as well as SHYM, then possibly the world would be a better place.
One of the great things about this place, is they teach these
young women the life skills they desperately need. Skills such
as how to bond with their babies, balance their checkbooks, and
become socially responsible and also how to rise above their situation
and deal with those who may disapprove of their lifestyle or situation.

If you’d like more information on SHYM, please visit their site.

What more do you think should be done to help single mothers in need? Are there any places in the U.S that provide this type of assistance for single mothers? We want to know.

We want to hear from you!

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6 Responses to A Place For Single Mothers

  1. michelle madden says:

    i was reading your website and i am in that situation i was wondering what type of help I could get or have someone at least guide me in the correct direction

  2. Lucretia Kenney says:

    Hello, I am a single mother of three ages 13,4 & 3 months. We were left for drugs and prison. Had plans to continue school, but have no where to go now that my 81 year old prejudice grandma has told us that we are not welcome to stay there even if I fixed her house. I’ll have to put my dream of being a teacher aside for my oldest is ED and in special education. I spend my day at school with him, and try to find a place to go. New Mexico shelters are struggling with drugs in them so you wish I had a tent! Housing cannot give us section 8 till the beginning of next year, so until then we live on a hope and a prayer. If anyone knows of any helpful information please email me. Thank you

    • Dasha jones says:

      I need help bad i just lost my job im 20 im pregnant and i just lost the room that i was living withb can i get some help please

  3. Natalya walker says:

    I was reading this and I was wandering how old you have to be for this to work.

  4. Cheryl Kluz says:

    I have cancer and no where for my son and I to go and my parents are very verbally abusive to my son and I. We need to leave badly but have no car and I am not released to work yet from my doctors.

  5. Cheryl Kluz says:

    Please please HELP!!

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