5 College Grants Single Moms Overlook

Going to college used to be limited to only those who could afford it, but times have changed so much. Single moms can now have the opportunity to go to college through something called a ‘grant.’ Keep in mind that grants do not have to be paid back. There are hundreds of grants available to single moms, but many single moms go after the same grants and overlook obvious grants that could help pay for their education.  Let’s take a look at five of those grants:

  1. Finding Local Grants

    There are many federal grants out there that will help a single mother pay for college, but what about local grants. You don’t have to depend on the government to pay for your entire college. Instead, look at what the state you live in can provide and also what local grants are available. For example: if you are a pregnant mom that wants to attend college at a local university, you may be eligible for a grant.

    The way to find out if you’re eligible for these types of grants is to ask for a list from the local college. The only way you will be able to find most of these grants is by calling the college or university and asking yourself.

  2. Thinking Outside of the Box with the Jeanette Rankin Scholarship

    When a person thinks of a single mom, they often think of someone in their early twenties or later teens. However, there are some single moms out there who are in their thirties and older. Because a lot of people forget that single mothers vary in ages, finding a grant that caters to older single moms can be difficult.

    Take the Jeanette Rankin scholarship for example. This scholarship is available to just women and isn’t necessarily just catered to single moms. When looking for grants or scholarships, you have to be willing to look at different criteria that you will qualify. The Jeanette Rankin scholarship is catered to women and empowering them through education. You have to be at least 35, which makes this scholarship especially unique.

  3. Try Out the Work Study Program

    Work study grants used to be more popular than what they are now. It’s not out of the ordinary to think of solutions like this to help pay for your college. As a single mom, why not apply for a work study program. There are federal work study programs that will allow you to pay for your education. While this may not be your first option, it is a way to pay for school and get real world experience.

  4. Look into Your Field of Study

    Finding broad single mother grants can be hard because there are so many single mothers applying for those grants. However, things get a little easier when you look into grants that are supported by the type of work you are diving into. If you are a single mom diving into the nursing scene, then there are several local grants you could apply for. Make sure you also check in with local hospitals. Nurses are in high demand, so you never know what grants or scholarships might be available in your area. You can also see our guide about the top paying jobs for single moms here

  5. Hardship Grants May be an Option

    Although no one likes to admit that they have fallen on hard times, there may be a grant option for single moms who are having a hard time. These grants are known as “hardship grants.” Some of these grants are available from the federal government and some are local. A grant may come in the form of food vouchers, gas vouchers, or even childcare vouchers.

    Anything it takes to help you get through school can be considered a “grant.” If you’re having a hard time getting through school or making ends meet while you are in school, make sure you look at all of your options.

  6. Finding a grant as a single mom is a lot easier these days than ever before. But there are also a lot more single mothers applying for these grants and scholarships and that means the money may run out faster. Don’t be afraid to look at the local options and private available to single mothers who want to go to college.

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