3 Ways Moms Can Make Money Online This Summer

If you’re a single mom looking for a way to make extra money this summer, then listen up: we’ve found–and tested–6 ways you can make extra money on the internet…working from home part time or full time. You can start out doing these jobs or gigs part time…and gradually move into doing it full-time…or…keep doing it on a part time basis just to have extra money to spend to pay bills or just have “extra”

  1. Scanning The Gig’s Section of Craigslist.
  2. Craigslist Money
    Are you an expert at your craft? Perhaps you’re good with computers. You could offer to fix people’s computers for a nominal fee or offer senior citizens computer classes. Or, if you’re a social media pro, you can offer to help local businesses set up their social media profiles and show them how update their networks. If you scan the listings in the “Gigs” section of Craiglist you’re sure to come up with a bunch of ideas you can use.

  3. Write Content for Online Publishers
  4. Write Content Make Money
    Online publishers, such as Livestrong.com, are always looking for experts to write quality articles and how to guides on niche topics. The parent company, Demand Media, has tons of other sites which you could write for also. You’ll basically just apply to be a content writer on their network by applying here: . Be warned: their writer approval process is very strict. You’ll need to have the chops if you want to pass their rigorous tests. Don’t want to deal with the headache? Try a less strict company like www.textbroker.com.

  5. Start a Video Blog About Something You’re Passionate About
  6. vlogging make money
    Chances are, someone else is just as passionate about it as you are. And if it’s something that a LOT of people are interested in, or if they just enjoy watching you, then you can make quite a bit of money from advertising. Youtube recently allowed just about anyone to partner up with them, create a custom channel, and monetize it with their contextual advertising platform, Adsense. If you can get enough channel subscribers and views to your videos, you can make a healthy income. You don’t need to be the biggest out there…just find a small niche that people are passionate about, become the expert in your niche, and profit.

    Do you have any ideas about how single moms can make extra money? Let us hear them!

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