Financial Aid For Single Mothers

If you are looking for financial assistance or financial aid for single mothers, then you have come to the right place. Are you in a bad situation? Are you currently unemployed with no where to turn? Looking for emergency cash assistance? Financial aid for single mothers is out there; you just have to know where to look.

With the current economy in shambles, more people than ever are looking for ways on how to get financial aid for single mothers. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from in the U.S, you can get the money you desperately need today. On that note, please understand that single mothers have been hit the hardest and we are currently providing more resources for these admirable individuals more so than other minorities. We hope you understand. We do, however, provide resources to everyone, you just have to make sure you are in the right category. Here are just some of the categories you will find on our site.

Financial Aid And Grants For Single Mothers

financial aid for single mothers

Finding financial aid for single mothers does not have to be a tough thing to do. There is a lot of help available to you through the government and non-government resources. Maybe your husband just left you, or vice versa, and you need housing assistance because you have no other family to turn to. You will find that information here. Or if you need emergency cash assistance, you will find that here too.

Even More Financial Aid For Single Mothers

Are you a single mother who is looking to go back to school so that you can further your education and provide the kind of life for your children that they deserve? Good for you! Finding grants for single mothers does not have to be difficult; in fact, because you are a single mother, you are entitled to A LOT of free resources that the ordinary person is not. President Obama has also initiated a program called the “Obama Mom’s Return To School Program”. This is a program to help single mothers get back in college and earn a degree to not only enrich the lives of themselves, but their children’s lives as well. Financial aid for single mothers and grants kinda go hand in hand.

Scholarships For Single Mothers

With the economy in such bad shape, now is the time to head back to school. Also, since the recession, there have been many, many more scholarships for single mothers available. Even though we are still in the middle of a recession, there seems to be quite a bit of help available for single mothers, which is a good thing. This kind of financial aid for single mothers is imperative. We also have a page dealing with scholarships and advise you to visit that page to learn more about these types of scholarships.

Finding Financial Support for Single Mothers

Becoming a single mother may be a fearful and daunting experience for a lot of women. Being a single mother would mean that you will always have a lot of things that you need to worry about and numerous problems that you would need to resolve on your own.

Being a single mother would also mean that you would have to do important things while making sure that your schedule will not interfere with you taking care of your kids. The most common fear of single moms is the fear of running out of finances that they will use to feed their family and pay for their daily necessities.

Grants for Single Moms

Possibly the most commonly applied for financial aid for single mothers are grants.

Grants are one of the major forms of financial aid for single moms. Grants are neither entitlements nor benefits. The good thing about grants is that there are more than 1000 different types of grants that single mothers can avail of.

These grants can be obtained from all the 26 Federal grant-making agencies. Since grants do not need to be repaid, these types of financial support for single moms are given only to those who need them the most. Before a single mother would qualify for a grant, most grant providers will require her to go through a screening process to determine her eligibility.

Requirements to be Eligible for Grants

Before a single mother can be qualified for a grant, she must submit certain requirements first. These requirements will be used to determine her eligibility for the different types of financial aid for single mothers. A single mom looking should submit her grant application on her own behalf and not on the behalf of another individual, group, institution, government or company.

The grant application should be signed by the applicant together with the other certifications. Each type of grant has different requirements and guidelines, but the most important of all is that the applicant should be an American citizen or a citizen of any US territory for at least 3 years.

Educational Assistance for Single Moms

One of the forms of financial aid is through educational assistance programs. Educational assistance programs include educational grants for single mothers, educational scholarships for single mothers, career development programs that are designed to provide assistance to single mothers who would like to obtain their G.E.D, vocational training, job training as well as scholarships for single moms to complete their college degrees.

There are also other educational assistance programs for single moms who would like help in job application, interview skills, and resume writing.

Medical Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

Financial aid for single mothers can also be in the form of medical assistance programs. There are some types of medical assistance programs that provide financial aid for single mothers who are in need of resources to pay for their medical bills.

These medical financial aids can be obtained by single mothers who are pregnant for their medical care, prenatal classes as well as child birth throughout childhood. There are some governments who sponsor nutrition programs for single mothers including menu planning and cooking. These programs are designed to promote health and well being in children without the burden of higher and increased costs.

Institutional Grants for Single Mothers

Single mothers who would want to continue their education can start by looking for financial aid for single mothers being offered by educational institutions such as colleges and universities. There are certain colleges and universities who offer institutional grants to single mothers who have already enrolled with them in the past.

For example, if you are a single mother who would like to enroll in an online class, you would need to have a computer. However, this would mean that you would have to spend extra expenses in purchasing a computer. This is where institutional grants come in. Some colleges will offer computers for free provided that you finish your classes successfully.

Sunshine Lady Foundation Grant

One of the grant providers offering financial aid for single mothers is the Sunshine Lady Foundation. The Sunshine Lady Foundation was established in the year 1996 through Ms. Dorris Buffet. The main goal of this foundation is to help mothers walk out of abusive relationships by ensuring that they can still get back on their own feet and continue living with the right financial support. The financial aid that this foundation provides can be used by single mothers to continue their education. There are also scholarships that the Sunshine Lady Foundation provides that will help families who are in crisis.

Our Families, Our Future Foundation

Another organization offering financial aid for single mothers is the Our Families, Our Future foundation. This aim of this foundation is to provide assistance to single mothers who would want to get back on their feet and have a fresh start. Our Families, Our Future helps train single mothers by providing them with the education that they need in order for them to be qualified workers in a company. These training programs that the Our Families, Our Future foundation provide will help single mothers know how to make a living and take care of their kids by earning money.

26 Responses to Financial Aid For Single Mothers

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s great that single mothers can get scholarships.

  2. maria says:

    I am a single mother of 4 boys,15,11,9, and 6. Their dad and i separated 4yrs ago and have been divorced for 2 months. I have worked two jobs to try and make ends meet and we have been through a lot for 5+ yrs. Their dad doesn’t help me and I’m just tired. I only work one job now and I really need another second job. We are about to be evicted and i have so many other issues. I have done all I can to give my boys a good life. I was recently hospitalized and was off work so that has made things extremely worse. I just need help bad. Soon school will start again and lord knows I can’t do anything. If anyone knows of anything or any place that will help me asap! I can’t get government assistance financially because they say I make too much….

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Samantha says:

    I need emergency financial help to move my children and i away from my youngest sons father who is extremely abusive towards me and emotionally abusive to the kids

  4. laura says:

    I have 2 kids 4 and 8 and I am 7 months pregnant with my 3rd. My husband is in jail and going to prison for 2 yrs. I am not able to work right now and on leave of absence. I have not received a paycheck for almost 2 months and Im about to get kicked out of my house, get my utilities shut off and loose my car. I have a decent job but no matter how bad I want to work I physically cant. I have not done anything wrong to be put into the situation that my husband has put me in. I need help just for 3 months to be able to keep a home for my kids. Im getting food stamps but cant get cash assistance because I am still employed. I need help even if it is a loan. If anyone knows of anything that I can do to get help please let me know. thankyou

  5. Natalie R says:

    I am a single mom of 3 children with special needs. I bought a house thru the USDA but. the company it bought thru won’t honor the agreement of repairs, I have had time take out personal loans to make repairs anyhow I have gotten so far in debt I can’t get out. Behind on my mortgage payments, behind o Loa notes. I am drowning please someone help I get no help from my kids father’s and I fear we will lose everything and with no one to help or to fall back on we will literally be on the street

  6. Jennifer Taylor says:

    I am a single mother of four, however two are grown…I have recently left a abusive relationship, but me and my children are scared we are going to be homeless soon and I only get 710 in disability monthly…please help us….

  7. bojana says:

    I have a son of 7 years old, I am a single mother living in the king’s earthquake in 2010 destroyed srbiji.u my hairdresser salon ….. please good people to help me to reopen his barber salon … and my son happily allocate childhood

  8. Adeline says:

    Hate to burst any bubbles but most of this is a bunch of BS. You can get money, if you go on welfare or if you qualify for welfare. Single working moms, busting their butt get by will continue to do so. Call me a cynic, prove me wrong. I’d like one REAL working Mom tell me about how she got help for a house or car repairs or clothes for her kids. Anyone can get financial aid for school or apply for government programs if you don’t work. Show me one real person who works hard and gets a little help to make life a little easier.

    • brian says:

      There’s lots of working moms on welfare. Not saying that everyone should be on welfare, but sometimes you “gotta do what ya gotta do”

  9. michelle vieira says:

    i am a single mother who has been looking for work with no success, I am in desperate need in help and assistance with cash, any information or help provided is greatly appreciated, thank you so very much


  10. Eva Tormey says:

    I am a single mother of a disabled son. I am currently out of work and have been looking and applying to all available jobs. I no longer have any money in the bank and my small credit cards no longer have any room on them. My vehicle just died and I have no money or credit card to fix it. Their is no help available to me from family and friends, both my parents are deceased, and due to being a single mom of a disabled child I have no friends as my life has been working and caring for him to the exclusion of everything else. I just need some help to fix the truck so I can keep looking for a job. We live in a very rural area so no public transportation, etc. is available to us. We are extremely desperate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would consider any help a loan not a gift. I will repay your help when I get a job. I need the vehicle, there are no other options.

  11. April says:

    I am a single mother, just recently lost my job I am in serious financial trouble my rent is due, we a literally out of natural gas for heat in my home, I have been on a payment plan for electricity and can not pay they are going to shut off my electric, I have worked very hard my whole life and we are in desperate need of financial help immediately. PLEASE we are going to be out on the streets with in a few days, is there any one who can help my family? PLEASE HELP!

  12. Milliyon Bekele Nigatu says:

    Thank you !!

  13. SHARON says:


  14. Melissa says:

    I am a single mom. My daughter is 5. My fiance committed suicide in December and we have been struggling every since. I live in a very small town where jobs are not available. I am being evicted from my home and all my utilities are to cut off soon. I am not sure what to do. I have no family. His family refuses to talk to me because they blame me for what happened. I need help asap.

  15. mary says:

    A viable answer is to collaborate. So, I am a single mother of a disabled child in st.johns,mi & if anyone near me needs childcare to work & will reciprocate I will oblige.

  16. L.H. says:

    I am a single mother of 4. I work at a domestic violence shelter. Yesterday i was told my car has a crack in the engine valve and it will cost $900 omg i cannot afford this. I will have to quit my job because i cannot get to work. I tried walking but its too far, and im afraid because i work the midnight shift. I dont know what to do I am all alone and my kids depend on me. Im lost right now.

  17. LW says:

    I’m pregnant and work in a factory. Due to a lot of health & car problems I’m unable to work. I am behind on rent and really trying to get prepared for this baby. I just want my child to ‘ve in a stable environment. I really need government financial help. Please

  18. angelica rutledge says:

    I need some help pls single mother of three years trying to make it with no help

  19. ciara diggs says:

    I’m trying to be strong I have lupus and im in a relationship where he thinks I’m suppose to cater to him do everything with the kids and deal with him hitting me and threatening me about going downtown for custody of our daughter when he is always gone I’m the one there everyday all day I even volunteer at the school every single day I can’t take it anymore I need to leave him

  20. Dav says:

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    businesses and individuals at a low interest rate and affordable
    Interest rate of 3%. Contact us by email:

  21. Shelley Rodgers says:

    Hi I need money to pay for my rent sick daughter medicine my boys are on Medicaid but my daughter 19 no insurance and we just found out she has lupus I need help about to loose my apartment cause I lost my job because my mom sick and I was helping her tell we found out my daughter sick please help me I need money fast

  22. Torey Saulter says:

    I am a domestic violence survivor and single mom of 2 kids ages 3 and 5. I recently lost my job and was just served a 5 day eviction notice. I put my last 300.00 towards my rent but still owe 525.00. I am looking for any assistance I can get and am willing to work for it. Please help I’m desperate.

  23. Brittany Hopkins says:

    I am a single mother who needs help finding a place to leave but I have no income as Im still looking for work are there any grants or cash loaning assistance to get me a place and financial help until Im able to find employment

  24. Viviana Flores says:

    Need help too pay for motel for myself and kids

  25. Ashley says:

    I am a single mom of 1 child of 5 years, I am unemployed, we just went through a house fire in may 2016 we had some help getting into a new place but since I haven’t been able to find any help, which we have been doing nothing but struggling since then. I have started looking for employment but am not having luck.I may be able to work from home but can’t get the money saved up to get the equipment I need to do so, With my daughters schedule for school it’s been hard to come back from the fire. If anyone know’s where I could get help with my bills fast that would be very helpful and kind.

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